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Weathering Behaviour and Oil Spill Response Options for Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO)

OSRL has been considering the various response techniques available and the operational feasibility in the event of a LSFO spill.

Weathering Behaviour and Oil Spill Response Options for Low Sulphur Fuel Oil

The publication of the SINTEF Paper “Characterisation of Low Sulphur Fuel Oils (LSFO) - a new generation of marine fuel oils”, (Sørheim, et al., 2020) follows industry development and increase in use of LSFO in order to meet new requirements for lower sulphur oxide emissions.  These regulatory changes have resulted in the development of lower sulphur marine fuels to replace intermediate bunker and heavy fuel oils.  Subsequently, the associated risk of spill (either shipped cargo, storage facilities or vessel fuel) of a LSFO has increased proportionally.  OSRL has been monitoring this progress and has worked to consider the various response techniques available to industry and OSRO’s and consider the operational feasibility and challenges that may be faced in the event of a spill of this type.