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Case Study: Remote Crisis Management Training for VTTV Oil Terminal

VTTV were remotely assisted to help refresh their understanding of crisis management, including communications and media management.

Remote Crisis Management Training for VTTV Oil Terminal

In May 2021, OSRL had the pleasure of delivering remote crisis management training to VTTV Oil Terminal in Vasiliko, Cyprus. We initially planned to provide the course in person during 2020 but had to rearrange plans due to COVID related travel restrictions. 


VTTV has operated the terminal since its completion in 2014. They initially established the terminal CMT when operations began and approached OSRL to support and enhance the teams’ overall readiness for a crisis.

VTTV were keen to deconstruct and improve upon their current process. After reviewing their plans and discussing requirements with VTTV, we designed the course to provide the terminal CMT with an appropriate amount of objectives and activities to make the course engaging, informative and provide actionable takeaways.

Remote Crisis Management Training Overview

Over three consecutive mornings, the OSRL team of Paul Foley, Rosie Buse, Jon Lay and Kitty Hamilton delivered a blend of theory and practical exercises. The course aimed to help the terminal's crisis management team (CMT) and their PR Agency understand the demands of a crisis, including communications and media management.

Despite not being in the same room, the team were engaged and interactive throughout the training. With many years of experience to impart, VTTV and the OSRL trainers all shared important learnings from crisis management and exchanged personal stories, which added significant value.

The remote crisis management course comprised a combination of theory, group discussion, scenario-based exercise and facilitated feedback. The scenario was realistic to their operations and evolved over the three days, increasingly stretching the CMT, which developed their competence and confidence.

The training was of great interest and highly insightful. The practical aspect and simulations were particularly enlightening, arming our team with knowledge on how to work through a crisis and giving them the necessary tools to manage it both efficiently and effectively.

— GM. George Papanastasiou, VTTV


VTTV is in an exciting position to enhance their existing preparedness, and OSRL looks forward to supporting them on their journey. Once travel restrictions allow, the team will go to Cyprus to deliver the rest of the course. The face to face training will include realistic simulations mixed with theory to refresh, evolve, and expand their crisis preparedness.

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