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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Training Courses

OPEP 3 to OPEP 4 Upgrade

  • OPEP4

Need certification in OPEP 4 and have a current OPEP 3? By booking this course, you can upgrade your OPEP 3 certification to an OPEP 4. Join the practical days of our flagship Oil Spill Clearance - On-Scene Commander (IMO Level 2 equivalent) course to upgrade to OPEP 4!

  • OSRL is a Nautical Institute accredited training provider

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OPEP 3 to OPEP 4 upgrade will certify you at OPEP Level 4

Become an effective management team member involved in responding to a UKCS offshore or relevant oil handling facility, and enhance your understanding of response requirements, including the practicalities of oil spill response.

If you have a valid OPEP 3 certification, with your role now requiring you to advise on the spill response strategy, this course will give you the required level of training to fulfil this UK training requirement.

Course Summary

  • Upgrade Your Certification

    This course will upgrade your current, valid OPEP Level 3 certification, giving you an OPEP 4 certification valid for 36 months from the date you take this course.

  • Oil Spill Response Overview

    Delve into the areas of oil spill assessment, tracking and quantification, in addition to and overview of response techniques including dispersant use

  • Practical Expertise

    Obtain hands-on experience deploying oil spill response equipment through two practical exercises, shoreline and offshore deployments.

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