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Training Courses

Oil Spill Response Management (IMO Level 3 Equivalent)

  • MCA5/5P
  • IMO3 Equivalent

This course will enhance the expertise in incident management strategies for all senior managers, officials and decision-makers involved in managing a response to an oil spill.

  • OSRL is a Nautical Institute accredited training provider
  • This is an MPA Singapore Approved Course.

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IMO Level 3 is suited to decision-makers and commanders in the event of an oil spill response

Use your initiative and thought processes to understand the strategies and challenges of incident management and develop your knowledge of the complexities of equipment deployment with our practical exercise. 

This IMO Level 3 equivalent training course will give you an insight into some of the key complexities you may face during an oil spill incident and the tools to use to overcome these. The interactivity of this course allows you to use your initiative and thought processes throughout to understand the challenges of incident management. You can also witness first-hand the difficulties faced in deploying equipment with a hands-on practical exercise. The course will give you a structured journey of an oil spill incident, from the causes and fates of oil spills through to incident termination.

Course Summary

  • Legal Framework and Incident Positions

    Discover the International Conventions and legal frameworks in place that can support an incident alongside the roles of Government Agencies and industry during an incident.

  • Implementing Plans

    Delve into the effective implementation of contingency plans and gain comprehension of the incident strategies and tactics that could be implemented throughout a response.

  • Hazards and Communications

    Gain an appreciation of the additional hazards responders face during an incident and understand effective communications whilst protecting your company's reputation.

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