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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Information Sheet: West Africa Surveillance Platform (WASP)

August, 2020

Information Sheet: West Africa Surveillance Platform (WASP)

OSRL, in partnership with Action Air Environmental (AAE), has created a service which combines technology with unprecedented regional coverage for improved situational awareness. The West African Survaillance Platform (WASP) is a suplimentary service available to OSRL members.

West African Surveillance Platform (WASP)

October, 2020

West African Surveillance Platform (WASP)

This datasheet provides a summary of key facts about the member supplementary service WASP, which covers members in the West African region.

Recorded Webinar: OSRL's Wildlife Response SLA Services Explained

June, 2020 By: Paul Kelway

Recorded Webinar: OSRL's Wildlife Response SLA Services Explained

Presented by Sea Alarm

In the aftermath of an oil spill emergency, an OSRL Member can call on oiled wildlife advisory services from Sea Alarm as part of the Service Level Agreement. Why are these 24/7 services provided, what do they entail, how can they be activated, what happens after activation, and how can a Member maximize its benefits from these services? 

This webinar is presented by Sea Alarm, OSRL's Technical Advisors on oiled wildlife preparedness and response.

Shipping Associate Membership Brochure

January, 2020

Shipping Associate Membership

Based on BIMCO-RESPONSECON* terms, our Shipping Associate Membership reduces the complexities of incident management with the assurance of a guaranteed and immediate response, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Case Study: CNOOC Collaboration

January, 2016

Case Study: CNOOC Collaboration

Janurary 2016 sees CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation) mark a year since becoming an OSRL Band 1 Participant Member after acquiring Nexen. Read about the collaboration programme put together, which included a 5-week personnel secondment, to help both organisations gain a deeper understanding of each other, the benefits of OSRL membership and the importance of preparedness and response activities.

Presentation - Visualisation: From the Field Perspective

July, 2015 By: Sarah Hall, Oil Spill Response Ltd

Presentation - Visualisation: a from the field perspective

Who we are visualising for - Member's with and without geomatics team support, When do we visualise - first critical hours of an incident when the geomatics team maybe mobilising to all the way through the incident at various levels of support.

Preparedness Case Studies 2011

July, 2015


Tanzania: This case study demonstrates the benefits that OSRL were able to bring to an operating region's Members as a result of the training conducted and work done.

Indonesia: This case study illustrates the convenience brought to a Member who signed up for a single contract for a full range of preparedness services.

Preparedness Case Studies 2012

July, 2015


Cuba: OSRL was well placed to provide further support to several operators planning to undertake exploratory drilling campaigns offshore during 2012. Operators that had previously been aware of OSRL's response capability took the opportunity to utilise a range of services to enhance oil spill preparedness. 

Indonesia: This case study highlights the close working relationship OSRL has with one of our Members in Indonesia where we were involved extensively in their preparedness plans.