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Wind Energy

What can renewable regulators and operators learn from the oil and gas industry?

Renewable energy is rapidly gaining momentum as sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels are becoming more sought after worldwide. But why would a renewable energy company need our support?

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There is still a ‘renewable spill risk’ that needs to be considered and applied to the oil types used in renewable energy sources. Offshore wind farms, for example, require hydraulic, lubricant, and gear oil to operate and control various mechanical components in the turbines and other equipment.

Oil spill response is science and evidence-based, which is why we need to be informed so that we can research the specific tools and techniques we would need to build a suitable strategy based on the variables encountered during a response. There is also a need to determine whether our current methods would work with wind farm renewable energy spills, specifically wind energy, as the risk profile changes.

From case studies to industry insights, we have information for the renewable energy industry to help with crisis management, dispersants and contingency planning.


Case Studies and Insights

Elevating Incident Management Excellence in Renewable Energy

A leading Renewable Energy company sought to enhance its incident management capabilities. They recognised an opportunity to strengthen their response to emergency situations and improve overall preparedness. This case study explores their journey and the key successes they achieved after partnering with us for Incident Management System (IMS) training.

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Forward Thinking and Refined

What can the renewable regulators and operators learn from oil and gas to avoid reinventing the wheel? Can and should the dispersants that the oil and gas industry has widely tested on crude oils be applied to refined oils used in the renewables industry? This article uncovers potential knowledge and data gaps in the response to oil spills associated with renewables.

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Membership Options

Based on BIMCO-RESPONSECON* terms, our membership shipping option addresses the most significant risk for the offshore wind industry, reducing the complexities of incident management in response to a shipping incident with the assurance of a guaranteed and immediate response, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


One call to expertise and resources

In the event of an oil spill incident during an offshore wind farm installation, the decision on which response provider to activate may not be very clear. Depending on the incident's location, size, and nature, this can be a complicated process and consume a significant amount of precious time. Our associate membership package for shipping provides the offshore wind farm industry access to world-class advisory support and a dedicated physical response capability – significantly reducing the complexity of managing an incident and coordinating remediation efforts.


Save critical time at the outset of an incident

With a single call, members can activate OSRL, providing immediate expert advice and response, coordinated from one of our strategically located hubs around the world and all based on BIMCO-RESPONSECON*


 *BIMCO-RESPONSECON is an international spill response contract for hire of clean-up services and equipment following a spill of oil or other hazardous or noxious substances. For more information, click here.