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Case Study: Remote Delivery of OPEP Level 2 with Wintershall Noordzee

As COVID-19 unfolded, our trips to deliver training were cancelled. However, Wintershall Noordzee was still keen for us to deliver their courses.

Case Study: Remote Delivery of Opep Level 2

As the COVID-19 situation unfolded in the UK in March, our upcoming trips to deliver face-toface training were understandably cancelled, including a three-day trip to the Netherlands to deliver various UK-specific (OPEP) training courses for Wintershall Noordzee.  

Due to the pandemic, the regulatory requirement to renew various OPEP certificates has been somewhat relaxed, reducing the immediate urgency to complete this training. However, Wintershall Noordzee was still keen for us to deliver the OPEP courses previously agreed upon. So, throughout April, OSRL’s Training team focused on adapting the courses we have developed and refined over many years, to make them suitable for delivery on a remote platform.

One of the key challenges was how to retain the interactivity we pride ourselves on in all the training that we deliver – aside from identifying ways that this could work over various online systems.

Delivering the Training

The first two OPEP training courses for Wintershall Noordzee have now been delivered, with a refresher course to follow shortly. The training was conducted using Zoom, but the interactive exercises developed are equally accessible across all platforms. The course includes exercise workbooks, which the delegates are invited to complete at intervals throughout training, and they can regularly feedback to the wider group.


Zoom’s gallery view allows the Trainers to see all delegates simultaneously, which promotes better engagement, and the Trainers can identify cues from delegates’ body language, just as they would in a conventional classroom environment. This ensures that no-one is left out of the training sessions, and the two-trainer approach allows any individual queries to be addressed promptly without any interruption to the session.

Given the circumstances – remote training – very much impressed with the interaction in the group. Compliments to Ken & Jamie!

— Delegate feedback

Future Developments

Due to the range of IT security protocols that our members have in place, going forward we are developing a platform-agnostic approach, looking to identify and utilise the various strengths of whichever platform is more suitable to you – be it Microsoft Team, Skype for Business, Zoom or something else entirely.

Remote training works very well. I like it better than being in a classroom together.

— Delegate feedback

Do you know your OCU from your OPEP?

If you're a corporate decision maker and you need the awareness in your role to help you conduct priority setting, reporting requirements and oil spill response activities then our OPEP Level-2 training course will help.

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