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Inland Operations Field Guide

An operational guide to the containment and recovery of oil spills in the inland environment

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Inland Operations Field Guide

This short Field Guide is intended to be used by anyone seeking an overview of the strategic and technical aspects of oil spill response within the inland environment. Included is information on the key steps to inland response, how to prepare for inland operations, and the optimal response techniques for the containment and recovery of oil in different inland environments. Inland operations require a good knowledge of the environment in and around where the oil spill has occured.

To ensure a successful response, it is important to:

  • Adhere to advice on health and safety aspects of oil spill response
  • Prepare and train for predicted risks
  • Choose and implement the response strategies most suitable to the environment
  • Ensure communication is effective amongst all parties, from Incident Managers to Oil Spill Responders

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Inland spills require different tactics to those at sea - are you ready?

Develop your knowledge and enhance your practical skills with our Inland Oil Spill Response training course.

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