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ATSEA-2 Webinar Series - Part 3: NEBA/SIMA & PNG Case Study

Understand the concept of NEBA/SIMA with this webinar and appreciate the oil spill preparedness and response from PNG’s context.

  • By Norman Ramos
  • Oct 3, 2022

ATSEA-2 Webinar Series - Part 3: NEBA/SIMA & PNG Case Study

This webinar is the third of the four technical webinars this year as part of the collaboration between ATSEA-2 Regional Project Management Unit (RPMU) and OSRL. This webinar's topic is NEBA / SIMA and PNG Case Study. 


The second webinar provided an overview of oil spill response strategies. This webinar builds upon it by describing the necessary considerations for selecting the appropriate and applicable response strategies based on the actual oil spill scenario. The use of NEBA / SIMA as a tool serves as a platform to engage multiple key stakeholders involved during an oil spill incident by:  

  • understanding the potential consequence based on a worst credible scenario; 
  • identifying resources at risk and the associated key stakeholders, ranging from national authorities to local governments and communities; 
  • assessing potential impacts on ecological, socio-economic and cultural resources; and 
  • selecting the most suitable response strategy through a systematic assessment and evaluating multiple factors in the locality, with inputs from multiple stakeholders.        


Furthermore, it is the pleasure of the organisers to have Mr Johnson Maren of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) deliver a case study on oil spill preparedness and response in PNG. 

This webinar will allow you to:

  • Understand the concept of NEBA/SIMA; and  
  • Appreciate the oil spill preparedness and response in PNG’s context.  

Experts from OSRL will provide their experience in demonstrating the concept of NEBA/SIMA.