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Validating Plans Through Exercise

We were invited to carry out a Tier 1 tabletop exercise with Zenith Energy at their tank farm on Whiddy Island, Bantry Bay in Cork, Ireland.

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Validating Plans Through Exercise

A robust exercise and drill programme provides response and emergency management teams with the opportunity to practice skills that will be required in an emergency, to work together closely and develop working relationships, as well as to make complex decisions under what can be often stressful circumstances.


OSRL has been working with Zenith Energy for many years providing Tier 1 equipment hire and maintenance services. Included with this service are twice-yearly on-site visits to train personnel on equipment use and conduct equipment maintenance schedules. During a recent visit, we conducted a tabletop exercise together with Zenith and local authorities, to test Zenith Energy's response readiness by validating their Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP).

Exercise Objectives

  •  Validate Zenith Energy’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)
  • Refresh personnel on the OSCP
  • Verify contact details in OSCP
  • Practice working relationships within the Incident Management Team (IMT)
  • Devise and test oil spill response strategies, whilst balancing resources for the given scenario.

Exercise Scenario

Following mooring to the Whiddy Island Single Point Mooring, the crude tanker MV Mikel S commenced loading operations at 09:00 on 23rd February. Cargo operations were nearing completion at 09:00 on 24th February, some 24hrs later, when at 09:15 there was sight of oil in the water in close proximity to the breakaway coupling. The crew initiated emergency shutdown of the cargo operations immediately. Weather conditions at the time were south-easterly winds, force 3-4. At the start of the exercise, it is two hours before high water.

It was great to go through an oil spill scenario with the Oil Spill Response Team, whilst utilising our OSCP.

— Zenith Energy

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