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The Benefits of Hiring Oil Spill Response Equipment

Hiring oil spill response equipment is an option worth considering when identifying your operational requirements.

  • By Jemma Neary
  • 4 min read
  • Mar 2, 2021
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The Benefits of Hiring Oil Spill Response Equipment

In these unique and challenging times with the global pandemic and the drop in oil price, hiring oil spill response equipment is an option worth considering when identifying your operational requirements.

A dilemma many operators face is balancing the cost of preparedness versus the operational risk. A vital component of the decision-making process will be identifying cost-saving measures concerning appropriate equipment, training, and maintenance activities. Simultaneously operators must also ensure they meet operational risk and any regulatory requirement.

With these circumstances in mind, hiring instead of purchasing oil spill response equipment may be beneficial. Below are some key equipment hire benefits to consider when you’re planning and budgeting for your next drilling campaign:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

As government bodies and environmental groups emphasise the need for industry to reduce their environmental impact, hiring negates the overall amount of equipment that requires manufacture and will help improve your carbon footprint. ‘’REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE’’.


Lower Risk

Hired equipment is regularly serviced, well maintained and ready to use reducing the internal administration burden of managing purchased equipment. 


Minimised Storage Costs

Hiring pre-packaged containerised equipment eliminates the need for long-term equipment storage after completion of operations or requirement. 


No Capital Investment

Renting equipment means that there is no need for significant capital investment upfront. An outright purchase requires substantial upfront investment and ongoing equipment maintenance costs to maintain equipment which might otherwise remain unused for an extended period.


No Capital Replacement Programme 

When hiring equipment there is no requirement to calculate how much to set aside in annual reserves to meet future repair and replacement needs.


Budget Control

Equipment hire allows operators to determine costs quickly and accurately for project budgeting.


No Obsolete Equipment

Purchasing equipment is a long-term commitment; when you rent, you get the equipment you need only for as long as you need it. Hiring equipment has no depreciation costs associated. 


Equipment Disposal

Hiring equipment takes away the issue of selling or environmentally/legally disposing of the equipment when it is no longer required. 


Why hire equipment from OSRL?

Enjoy peace of mind while OSRL's experts take care of the rest.

Always Maintained

OSRL handles repairs maintenance as well as holding and purchasing of spares.


Operational Expertise

OSRL’s specialist Equipment Hire Services team have practical oil spill response experience gained from working within OSRL’s Operational Department. 

This operational experience perfectly complements their role in maintaining the equipment and training the operator’s personnel. Our knowledge ensures the practicality and usability of the equipment and allows the training to consider “real world” complications.


Alignment with Tier 3 Equipment

OSRL Tier 1 and Tier 2 packages consist of a range of equipment from various manufacturers. As a result, our packages are selected based on operational use in-field and best product fit. 

All equipment hired from OSRL is compatible with our Tier 3 stockpiles. In the event of a spill, operators can be safe knowing that OSRL responders will be familiar with the initial equipment available and that it will interface and complement any additional Tier 3 equipment deployed.


Lead Times or Availability

OSRL equipment packages are delivered when and where required and returned promptly after use. With OSRL’s standard equipment packages, there is no need to wait for additional manufacture of equipment. 

All packages are well maintained and ready for use – “Plug and Play”. OSRL packages have immediate availability for short term requirements.


Right Tool for the Job

OSRL is not an equipment manufacturer. We objectively evaluate and use equipment from a range of manufacturers and offer the cutting edge of industry developments. The absence of supplier bias means we can ensure that the packages provided are the best for our clients and their specific operations.


Cost Visibility

All costs for equipment rental, pre-shipment preparation and administration and maintenance are identified and provided.



We provide demonstration and instruction on safe use and equipment operation, including all relevant Personal Protective Equipment. We deem such training as essential to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


Sustainable Relationship and Trust

Being an industry-owned, cooperative we understand your challenges. 

We aim to build sustainable relationships with all of our clients, collaborating to deliver an efficient, well managed and coordinated service. Many of the services we offer have been in place and used by the majority of our members since OSRL’s establishment over 35 years ago.

Have you got the resources you need to carry out your ongoing activities?

Have the profile of your operational risks assessed including the consideration of regulatory needs, operating environment and resource availability in your operating region, to ascertain equipment hire package requirements which include commissioning, training and maintenance.

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