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Do you have a Logistics Execution Plan?

What is a Logistics Execution Plan and why is it important?

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Do you have a Logistics Execution Plan?

If you don’t have a Logistics Execution Plan then you might not be clear what it includes or how it might help your business. If you do, then reading this might still help you ensure your Logistics Execution Plan covers all the pieces of the logistics puzzle.

What is a Logistics Execution Plan and why is it important?

Logistics and other supply chain activities form a critical part of the response chain. A Logistics Execution Plan  acts as an integrated plan between the Source Control Emergency Response Plan and Oil Spill Contingency Plan to identify risks and resource allocation in one clear picture.

Having a Logistics Execution Plan, Oil Spill Contingency Plan and Source Control Emergency Response Plan developed in the same format, utilising the same terminology and framework ensures ease of use by the end user and plans that truly complement each other. Plans can be efficiently updated and easily scaled to match operational requirements. 

Imagine a scenario where there is an oil spill incident in a remote location without much infrastructure. The response may involve a range of strategies, from wide area dispersant application by air or intense shoreline activities through to Subsea Source Control actions. There could potentially be multiple pieces of equipment, each with unique shipping requirements, to mobilise with the quickest way to get the equipment in-country not being the most obvious one.

What should a logistics execution plan cover?

  • How to call-off OSRL’s equipment (mobilisation and equipment configuration).
  • Handover points with roles and responsibilities (distinguishing between surface and subsea response).
  • Recommended transportation methods, such as airport capabilities in specified regions.
  • Recommended routing, whether it is more efficient by air, sea, road transport or a combination.
  • Response time modelling to allow for simple visualisation of critical path activity. This activity is crucial to mapping out tasks required for a mobilisation, enabling immediate identification of critical path items. We align our Response Time Models with the industry recognised IOGP model.
  • Response missions catered to what is needed from OSRL - surface equipment, subsea response, Global Dispersant Stockpile, personnel and aviation response. Having what is needed in one plan adds simplicity.

Your Logistics Execution Plan will be entirely unique to the operational requirements of your business. To guarantee a Logistics Execution Plan tailored to your needs, you need to ensure whoever writes it has a full understanding of the equipment it covers, its infield applications and how the different plans link together.

Why choose us?

Last year we established our Global Logistics Team specifically to address this complex issue of logistics. We have now written several comprehensive logistics execution plans for members built around OSRL’s equipment knowledge and logistics expertise. 

Oil Spill Response Limited might not be the first name that comes to mind when you are looking for a Logistics Execution Plan. You may first think of one of the big names already associated with logistics. However, we are uniquely placed to help you and have an experienced team ready to do just that.

Why choose us?

  • Because we know planning. Oil Spill Response develops Source Control Emergency Response Plans & Oil Spill Contingency Plans and understands the important links between the plans.
  • Because we understand our equipment and its in-field application. We know which equipment has priority and interdependencies and can tailor the plan accordingly.
  • We use a range of freight forwarders based on regional strengths.
  • We work with vessel charterers to assist in developing detailed vessel plans.

As a professional response organisation, Oil Spill Response Limited is well versed in not only developing contingency plans but also using them if the time arises. 

Our Global Logistics team will develop a bespoke plan that meets your unique requirements. We can deliver all types of plans from a high-level desktop Logistics Execution Plan through to an enhanced plan that includes more details gathered through field visits to validate data and meeting in-country logistics suppliers.

Clients all have different requirements for Logistics Execution Plans. At Oil Spill Response Limited, we tailor each plan to suit the needs of the individual client and their specific location. Each plan includes a Response Time Model to highlight the critical path in mobilising equipment and personnel when mounting a response operation.  We also include a comprehensive study on the number of aircraft required to transport OSRL’s equipment into country, and the availability of vessel of opportunity for potential deployment.  

Do you have any questions?

Unsure about how to start creating a Logistics Execution Plan to enhance your oil spill preparedness, or not sure what you need to put in it, contact the Global Logistics Team

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