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Case Study: OSRL supports CEPSA to improve their global oil spill response capability

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) conducted a Global Capability Review for Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) in 2016.

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OSRL supports CEPSA to improve their global oil spill response capability

The Capability Review was part of an initiative to identify any gaps in oil spill preparedness and response capability in some of CEPSA’s Exploration and Production assets around the world.


CEPSA is an integrated energy group, 100% of the Mubadala Investment Company group, which employs nearly 10,000 professionals, carrying out its activity in all phases of the hydrocarbon value chain; oil and gas exploration and production, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum derivatives and natural gas, biofuels, cogeneration and electricity commercialisation.

The project included some CEPSA’s Exploration and Production Assets, both offshore (Malaysia and Thailand) and inland operations in Colombia, Peru and Algeria.



Capability Review Process

A Capability Review is a process that enables assurance that the oil spill and emergency management preparedness levels are appropriate for the spill risks posed by the operations.

The 5 fundamental subjects reviewed for this project were:

  1. Planning Process – review of planning scenarios, risk assessment and response strategies
  2. Legislation and Agreements – applicable legislation, mutual aid agreements and Tier 2 and Tier 3 agreements
  3. Emergency Response Documents – appropriate Contingency Plans, Emergency Plans, Tactical Response Plans and Source Control Plans
  4. Training and Exercises Programme – adequate programme, frequency and records
  5. Sustainability and Continuous Improvement – suitable prevention programmes, post spill/exercises evaluation, and research and development.

To better identify the gaps, a site visit was conducted at each location which included interviewing key personnel, visits to operational sites or platforms, evaluation of equipment stockpiles and also Tier 2 providers.

As part of the capability review, OSRL provided a series of recommendations to increase the preparedness and response capability such as adequate training of the oil spill response team.

OSRL used industry Good Practice Guides including Tiered Preparedness & Response and presented a snapshot of the tiered capability for each asset using the Tiered Capability Wheel (below, sample model only).

TPR Wheel.jpg

Conclusion and Further Support

Capability reviews are an excellent way to start the process of improving preparedness, helping to identify gaps and important areas for the client to focus on over given timescales.

A Global Capability Review assisted CEPSA to understand the capacity level of the different Exploration and Production assets and to prioritise areas for improvement.

OSRL is continuing to support CEPSA in 2017 to improve its response capability in their Exploration and Production assets by addressing some of the gaps identified, which include:

  • Inland Response Training
  • Oil Spill Awareness Training
  • Incident Management Exercises
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plan update

Is your level of response capability up to scratch?

Assess your level of capability from resources to documentation and personnel competency and make improvements with the help of our Capability Reviews service.

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