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The Global Logistics Team Successfully Test new Brexit Procedures

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2021

The Global Logistics Team successfully test new Brexit procedures

An update from the Global Logistics Lead Ho Yei Ling on the Global Logistics team and a successful test of new Brexit procedures. 

We also hear from the Travel Team on how they were focussing on new processes and procedures to keep our travellers safe during the global pandemic.

Interview with Valeria Ruoppolo, the Director of Aiuká

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021

Interview with Valeria Ruoppolo,  the Director of Aiuká

Our Wildlife Preparedness & Response Manager, Paul Kelway kicked off our GOWRS Wildlife Partners interview series with an interview with Valeria Ruoppolo at Aiuká in Brazil.

A Bird's eye view of seabird rescue at SANCCOB

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2021

A Bird's eye view of seabird rescue at SANCCOB

After receiving a request for assistance from GOWRS and Seabird rescue specialist SANCCOB, OSRL staff at our South Africa base helped support ongoing efforts to care for nearly 2,000 Cape cormorant chicks.


Here, Shamen Bunsee, Response Specialist recounts his experience of helping with the rescue effort and his new-found appreciation for all the work that goes into wildlife response and for SANCCOB's team.

The Benefits of Hiring Oil Spill Response Equipment

martes, 2 de marzo de 2021

The Benefits of Hiring Oil Spill Response Equipment

What are the benefits of hiring Tier 1 oil spill response equipment? Find out why operators find hiring equipment a cost effective way to meet operational and regulatory requirments for drilling operations.

OSRL’s West Africa Surveillance Platform (WASP) supports the Gabonese Navy in a search and rescue operation

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2021

WASP Search and Rescue

OSRL has recently supported the Gabonese Navy in a fantastic collaboration between multiple agencies to save lives at sea.

On Sunday 24th January, a mayday message was sent by the ‘Marie Alexandra’, a French fishing trawler in distress...

Managing A Virtual IMS

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2020

How to Manage a Virtual IMS

The Covid-19 pandemic has required us to change much of what we do to maintain the same level of service throughout the last eight months. We have responded to oil spills using social distancing rules, delivered our courses remotely and conducted exercises on virtual platforms.

We know that dealing with an incident remotely presents a significant challenge for many organisations. Taking this into account, we are pleased to publish OSRL's Incident Management System Core Group addendum on the Virtual Incident Management System.

Learning about Seabird Response with SANCCOB

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2020

Learning about Seabird Response with SANCCOB

Since collaborating with SANCCOB on the opening of the South Africa operation back in 2012, the relationship continues to grow. Here we talk about SANCCOB providing an essential service in South Africa, particularly in its fight to save the critically endangered African Penguin.

Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response: Reflecting on the past and planning for the future

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2020

Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response

Oil Spill Response’s Board of Directors recently endorsed an ambitious Five-Year Strategic Plan for Wildlife Emergency Preparedness & Response. Here's why it's an important milestone for oiled wildlife response. 

Remote Training – the way forward

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2020

Remote Training – the way forward

Is remote training the way forward? Remote training has considerable benefit to delegates such as time and cost savings and is also a more environmentally sustainable option reducing carbon footprint.

But how could we deliver the IMO recognised courses of up to 40 hours of learning, including practical deployments?...

The Treasure Oil Spill – 20 years on

martes, 23 de junio de 2020

The Treasure Oil Spill – 20 years on

The Treasure Oil Spill – 20 years on. What one of the largest animal rescue missions in history can tell us about wildlife response preparedness.