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OSRL's Technical Forum & AGM

martes, 4 de junio de 2024

Join us at our Technical Forum and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Singapore!

Enjoy the vibrant city-state of Singapore, nestled at the crossroads of Asia, providing a captivating blend of rich cultural heritage, cutting-edge innovation, and unparalleled hospitality.

Renowned as a global hub for business, technology, and finance, Singapore is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity. This dynamic city offers a unique backdrop for our Technical Forum and AGM, where tradition and innovation converge to create an environment that stimulates creativity and fosters collaboration.

OSRL Technical Forum and AGM June 2024.jpg

The Technical Forum will give you the opportunity to attend workshops, meet with our OSRL experts, network with industry peers and discuss your preparedness and response needs. Following this, you will enjoy networking opportunities as we gather for a drinks reception and food. 

OSRL's Formal AGM will provide important information and updates about the company's performance, strategic direction and any changes to operations. (Please note that attendance at the AGM is reserved for Shareholders (Participants) and Associate Members only.) Following the AGM, you can explore our Singapore response base with an in-depth guided tour of our facilities and projects. 

Complimentary workshops will be available the day before the Forum on Tuesday, 4 June. Spaces for these workshops are limited and will be open to all Members. 

Sign up today to be a part of this exciting Forum and AGM event in the ever-captivating city-state of Singapore.


Event Details:

Date: 4-6 June 2024

Location: Singapore



Tuesday 4 June:

Complimentary Workshops

  • Morning Workshop: Wildlife Incident Action Planning
    • Are you ready to manage an oiled wildlife incident? This interactive workshop will explore wildlife response strategies through a scenario-based exercise in an area with limited preparedness, Southeast Asia. Gain a deep understanding of the tactical considerations of a wildlife response and the resources required by developing an incident-specific wildlife response plan. Developed by the Wildlife Preparedness & Response Community of Practice, you will leave the session with a wildlife incident action plan template to help you structure those first crucial hours of response.
  • Afternoon Workshop: Performing Under Pressure Mindset Training
    • Do you know how to adapt your mindset to harness pressure? In incidents and everyday life, we all encounter pressure situations. Pressure affects everyone, but why do some thrive? The answer is in their mindset. In this training, we will introduce you to highly practical, tried-and-tested tools that will help you achieve control over how you think, react, and perform when pressure is on.


Wednesday 5 June:

Technical Forum and Networking Dinner

Join us for our Technical Forum, where you can attend workshops, meet with our OSRL experts, network with industry peers and have the opportunity to discuss your preparedness and response needs. Sessions include:

  • MORNING - Open to All
    • Exercise Development and Facilitation
      • Did you know we can facilitate your exercises? In this dynamic session, you will experience how we run impactful exercises that help your teams develop the competence and confidence to navigate any incident or crisis successfully... not just oil spills. We don't want to give too much away, but come prepared to participate actively, and we're confident you will have fun too.
    • Preparedness Through the Energy Transition: Applying Classic Solutions to New Problems
      • Many companies are adjusting their business profiles to incorporate renewable energy in an era marked by an energy transition towards sustainable sources. OSRL, which has been a reputable service provider in the field of emergency response capability building, has naturally evolved as one of the first consulted stakeholders. OSRL has leveraged the critical principles of the oil and gas industry's mature framework for contingency planning and capability building. It has recently applied them to major preparedness projects in the renewable energy sector. This session will focus on applying established good practices to the shipping/renewables energy sector and provide the tools and knowledge needed for the industry to navigate this change.
  • AFTERNOON - OSRL Members Only
    • Aerial Dispersant Application Strategy – The Next Iteration
      • This session will allow members to learn about the next iteration of the wide-area dispersant service. The session will provide an overview of the robust process applied based on the lessons learned from previous projects. Members will learn which aircraft & basing locations are being considered and the response times that may be achieved. The session takes place at a crucial time when the views and opinions of our Members will help us frame the next iteration of OSRL's global wide area dispersant service.
    • Dispersants: Global Challenges and Industry Solutions 
      • Session overview coming soon
  • Exhibition - Incident Hub (Throughout the day during breaks)
    • This interactive experience, centred on hands-on technology demonstrations, emphasises the practical application of technology in enhancing situational awareness and accelerating informed decision-making in crisis management. Engage with various technological solutions to address key aspects of incident management. These solutions include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) experiences, mobile data capture applications, and remote sensing data feeds, showcasing the forefront of integrated response services.
    • Gain direct interaction with tools and systems designed to improve decision-making and operational efficiency in the context of oil spill incidents. Appreciate the potential of these technologies in real-world applications, offering insights into their transformative impact on incident management.


Following the forum, you will enjoy networking opportunities as we gather for a drinks reception and dinner.


Thursday 6 June:

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (for OSRL Members only) and Base Tour 

OSRL's Formal AGM will provide important information and updates about the company's performance and strategic direction. (Please note attendance at the AGM is reserved for Shareholders, Participants and Associate Members only.)

You will also have the opportunity to explore our Singapore base with an in-depth guided tour of our facilities and projects (coach from Pan Pacific Hotel to OSRL Base provided).


Event Contact:

We're here to help! 

If you have any questions about the event or need to amend your registrations, just contact our Event Team.


Ipieca Marine Spill Group and Global Initiative for Southeast Asia (GISEA) Meeting

In addition to these events, the Ipieca Marine Spill Group and Global Initiative for Southeast Asia (GISEA) meeting will be held on Friday 7 June. So, if you are attending our event and are interested in this event too, you can register your interest to attend here.