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Throwback 30: A tale of two mergers

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Oil Spill Response Limited, we will be publishing a series of articles covering our milestones. In this article,we document our company's expansion over the years.

OSRL was formally established in 1985. Soon after, EARL was established in 1993 to respond to spills quickly in the Asia Pacific region. Early shareholders of EARL consisted of BP Singapore, Caltex, Esso, Eastern, Mobil, Shell and BHP Billiton.






OSRL and EARL formed an alliance in 2000

 Alliancelogo.jpg By January 2000, Oil Spill Response Limited and East Asia Response Limited were the largest oil spill response organisations in the world and both companies formed an alliance to allow members to access resources from both organisations.

OSRL/EARL formed in 2006

 osrlearllogo.jpg Recognising the effectiveness of the collaboration, OSRL and EARL merged in 2006 to form OSRL/EARL.

Renaming to OSRL in 2009

 youtube_profile.jpg OSRL/EARL was renamed to OSRL in 2009. By then, OSRL had about 30 shareholders.

Merger with CCA in 2013

 CCALogo.jpg  In January 2013, OSRL merged with Clean Carribbean & Americas (CCA), a company founded in 1977, to meet the expanding needs for oil spill preparedness and response around the world. CCA’s Fort Lauderdale base became a regional response base that would also coordinate with OSRL’s new Subsea Well Intervention Services base in Brazil.


OSRL remains the world’s largest industry funded cooperative, and the only organization with a global response capability.

With growth in our company’s geographical footprint and capability, OSRL’s membership has increased to about 150 today.