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Seminar: The Preparedness Cycle for Wildlife Emergency Response

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2021

IPIECA Wildlife Seminar.jpg

Title: The Preparedness Cycle for Wildlife Emergency Response Seminar: Exploring IPIECA’s preparedness wheel and its application in the real-world 

Date: Wednesday 27th October

Time: 1000 UTC (1100 BST)

Hosted by Paul Kelway

To register for this Member-only seminar, contact us at

In November 2019 IPIECA hosted a first dedicated industry workshop on wildlife response preparedness in Nicosia, Cyprus. The workshop was designed and facilitated by Sea Alarm along with other partners from the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System (GOWRS) Project, and with oversight from an industry steering group. 

Over the course of three days, nine IPIECA/OSRL Member companies along with representatives from OSRL, IPIECA and REMPEC actively explored the past, present and the desired future regarding wildlife response preparedness. Through table-tops and group exercises, a series of recommendations were developed for future actions to implement tiered preparedness for wildlife response as described in IPIECA’s 2014 Good Practice Guide.  

This set of recommendations provided a roadmap for implementing wildlife response preparedness over the coming years and was summarised and illustrated as a ‘Preparedness Wheel’ - a concept developed by Sea Alarm and the Industry Steering Group for the purposes of the event. 

This webinar will provide an overview of the preparedness recommendations from the Cyprus workshop and an introduction to the preparedness wheel concept then use real-world case studies to demonstrate how this process has been used and applied in a variety of country and regional contexts.