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Oil Spill Response Exhibits at Renewable Energy Event in Taiwan

terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2023

Oil Spill Response (OSRL) will be exhibiting at this year's Energy Taiwan event to highlight the link between renewable energy and the oil and gas industry.


The event will take place from 18 – 20 October 2023 and will see over 1,200 booths showcasing a variety of renewable energy and carbon reduction solutions. The significance of this being held in Taiwan is due to its important geographic location, surrounded by water; it relies on international trade to aid its economic growth, and carbon reduction initiatives have become an urgent necessity for businesses.


In response to a commitment to attaining net-zero emissions and reducing carbon emissions, the industry has started transitioning from oil and gas to offshore wind and marine renewables. Due to this shift in energy sourcing, the spill risk picture has also evolved as offshore wind farms, for example, require hydraulic, lubricant, and gear oil to operate and control various mechanical components in the turbines and other equipment.


Risks in the offshore wind energy industry encompass a wide range of scenarios that could lead to the introduction of oil into the marine environment, posing significant threats to both human safety and the delicate ecosystems that surround offshore wind farms.


OSRL is committed to leveraging oil spill response expertise to help offshore wind energy to enhance its preparedness and response capabilities. Experts will work with organisations to identify risks, develop crisis plans, and provide comprehensive training. They can also help identify weak spots and build resilience for incidents whether that be an oil spill, accident or security threat.


OSRL will be presenting ideas to help renewable regulators and operators learn from the oil and gas industry, uncovering potential knowledge data gaps in the response to oil spills associated with renewables. There is a risk of certain pollutants associated with renewable energy, particularly offshore wind farms, spilling into the water and affecting marine life through accidental releases, leaks, vessel collisions, and allisions through construction and operational activities.


With an established worldwide network of experts and response bases to quickly and effectively address oils spills across the globe, OSRL extends its capabilities to the offshore wind industry. They have a wealth of knowledge that will be instrumental in helping offshore wind industry stakeholders prepare for the unique challenges posed by marine oil pollutants.


Global temperatures continue to rise, and the significant environmental consequences of global warming are being felt around the world. Over 130 countries have committed to attaining net-zero by 2050, with carbon reduction emerging as one of the top priorities for governments.


The Energy Taiwan event will feature 280 companies demonstrating cutting-edge energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic, wind power, hydrogen, and small-scale hydropower. The event will be a unique platform to integrate energy supply, low-carbon manufacturing, and environmental sustainability.

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