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Navigating uncertainty and lessons learned in the latest episode of our podcast

sexta-feira, 8 de março de 2024

Navigating uncertainty and lessons learned in the latest episode of our podcast

Our host Emma Smilie, chatted to Dave along with other people in the company who play a part in crisis management, including Performance Under Pressure specialists Andy Couch and Dean Wasche. This episode considers lessons we’ve learned from crisis management and strategies with an aim to navigate uncertainty in 2024.

Dean reflected on recent global events, and asked the question: “Do we support people enough? With big events that have happened and are still happening around the world, we’re still living in the aftermath of some of those major events, which have an impact on everyone.”

The discussion focuses on competencies around structures, skillsets, and mindset in an organisation and considers how mature the competency of some of the people in these specific preparedness roles are.

For example, since Covid had a huge impact on most of the world, organisations are only now thinking about their preparedness and recruiting people into specific new roles designed to create resilience for their business and be prepared for future incidents. 

This podcast is a valuable tool for any company or organisation that needs to factor crisis management into its day-to-day structure to optimise their response capabilities during the year ahead. Our Crisis Management Lead has supported many organisations, including governments, and national and international oil companies, to enhance their crisis management frameworks. 

Listen to the latest episode of the Response Force Multiplier as the team offer a route towards an improved reaction to incidents, working better under pressure and enhancing preparedness and resilience in the face of ever-changing challenges.

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