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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our HSEQ strategy is based on four goals - promoting a healthy work environment, ensuring everybody’s safety, effectively managing our environmental footprint and striving for continual improvement in quality, sustainability and governance.

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Health & Safety

We provide leadership, resources and training to continually assess risks and take appropriate actions to prevent injury or ill health. We comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and industry best practice, or higher voluntary standards that we subscribe to.

Our Life Saving Rules are the guiding principles for all the work we carry out and are used as the first step in effective risk management. Their consistent use sets out the minimum standards we require from everyone that works at, or visits, our sites.

Our employee health programme covers regular health assessments, vaccinations and adequate support for medical emergencies in remote areas, to ensure staff avoid exposure to unnecessary health risks.


At OSRL we are committed to environmentally sustainable work practices. We are stringent about the way we manage resource use in our facilities, how we store and use chemicals, how we minimise our logistics and travel footprint and ensure proper waste management procedures. 


Our quality systems ensure high standards of preparedness, intervention and response delivery to Members, and the management of HSE issues.

We follow an Integrated Management System (IMS) that is accredited through an independent assessment body, DNV.


OSRL believes in applying ethical, culturally sensitive and sustainable business practices to ensure our activities do not result in the abuse, exploitation or harm to any individual or the wider environment.


OSRL’s commitment to sustainability is set out in our Environmental, Social and Governance policy.

Data Governance

At OSRL we are committed to applying data governance practices. We are continually making improvements to ensure that all our data and the data of those that we work with are treated appropriately.



The Data Governance Vision is to effectively manage OSRL data as an asset, ensuring that data is collected, created, and processed in a manner that it can deliver value to OSRL, its Members, Customers, and the wider Response Industry.


Our Six Data Data Governance Principles

All employees, contractors, visitors and delegates shall understand OSRL’s approach to data governance and support the organisation in its mission to adhere to the six data governance principles.

The following principles govern OSRL’s approach to managing data:



OSRL only collects data for an identifiable purpose.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

We only collect data when there is a specific need. This is data that allows us to function effectively and provide the best service to our members.

Data without a purpose is wasteful and unnecessary. It can be a privacy and security risk and costly. By only collecting data with a purpose and value, we are making data breaches less likely to occur.


How are we doing this?

We are in the process of mapping all our data to understand, as an organisation, what data we have. Part of this process is to consider the purpose of the data. If no clear purpose is identified then the data is not retained.




All our staff are responsible for the use and management of data.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

Regardless of their role, anyone working at OSRL has a responsibility to use your data in a safe and responsible manner.


How are we doing this?

Data Stewards across the business help to champion data management.

Data management has been embedded into all our policies and procedures. This sets out the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. Internal and external data are more secure because of tighter privacy and security policies, monitoring and enforcement.




OSRL manage the lifecycle of data across processes, systems, and reports.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

By managing the lifecycle, OSRL's IT (Information Technology) processes become more efficient, agile, and easier to scale because of defined rules for changing procedures and data. We create synergies through reused data and processes.

Documentation of our data processes results in higher data quality.


How are we doing this?

Data lifecycle management is a process that helps to manage the flow of data throughout its lifecycle. This starts with Creation and works through Storage and Usage before ending with Archival or Destruction.




OSRL ensure data is of suitable quality, accurate and up to date.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

Better business decision-making due to precise corporate data that is consistent and uniform at all levels of the organisation.


How are we doing this?

The data mapping process is identifying and reviewing the datasets to create a record of all OSRL's data. Data of insufficient quality will be identified and actions taken.




OSRL’s data is suitable and secured.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

You can trust OSRL to look after the data that we hold on you, or on your behalf.




OSRL ensures that education and training are provided for all employees.


As an organisation or individual working with OSRL, what does this mean for you?

All our employees understand the role they must play in looking after the data OSRL holds.

How are we doing this?

Through a combination of mandatory training and engagement by our data stewards across the company. Specialist training for those with specific responsibilities has also been delivered. 




If you would like to discuss data governance with us, please contact:

Gemma Littlewood - Development & Assurance Lead (Data Governance & Management)

Report of Activity

Despite the significant challenges in the supply chain, including logistics and air transport, we have been able to mobilise our people and equipment in a timely and efficient way in 2022. 

Download or view the report here.

Resources and Downloads

OSRL Safety Handbook

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ISO Quality Environmental Safety Certificate

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HSEQ Policy

We have adopted an integrated risk-based management system in accordance with OHSMS ISO 45001:2018 (Safety), ISO 9001(Quality) and ISO 14001(Environment) standards.

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OSRL Data Governance Policy

This policy sets out the principles for data governance which OSRL strives towards to ensure data is managed effectively. 

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