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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Supplementary Services

A wide range of Supplementary Services are on offer to complement the core membership options. Available globally and regionally, there are services to cover a range of operational and legislative requirements. These services are exclusive to existing Members. 


Global Member Supplementary Services

NEW - SWIS Capping Service

On 1st December 2022, we announced the signing of a revised agreement for all SWIS members, establishing several new and updated benefits and removing significant financial barriers to accessing the dedicated subsea service.   


A new Capping Service – a comprehensive equipment stockpile that integrates OSRL’s Offset Installation Equipment (OIE) with its capping stacks to provide an expanded capability covering both shallow and deep water. The service also includes access to subsea incident response toolkits, dispersant delivery systems, water column monitoring equipment and other capping equipment ancillaries. 

Better value for members – An annual baseline membership fee now covers legacy wells and the majority of well re-entry activities without needing specific well nominations. This fee also now includes cover for two new wells. Members will then pay an additional fee to cover further wells. 

Removes existing financial hurdles for membership –  a pay-on-demand alternative to the historic financial standing security approach. In addition, this update increases accessibility by removing a significant barrier for prospective members. 

Response Services – The introduction of mobilisation support aligns SWIS services scope to OSRL’s wider surface Service Level Agreement (SLA). Membership to SWIS continues to provide access to the SWIS Mutual Aid Framework Agreement (MAFA) and the Global Subsea Response Network (GSRN) we facilitate


If you would like further information or to discuss adding SWIS Capping Service to your membership, please contact 

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Global Dispersant Stockpile (GDS)

OSRL has created a readily accessible and easily mobilised stockpile of dispersant to be available to the industry. The stockpile is large enough to provide for serious incidents (5000 m3), but spread globally for a more local, faster response.

Entry Fee   Contract Period 
Determined by Banding of OSRL Member 10 years (from original start of service)
Annual Subscription 
Annual subscription fee to be paid based on Membership Band, calculated as the proportion of the Company's projected total cost


Short Term Subscriptions 
Details available on request


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Regional Member Supplementary Services

UKCS Aerial Surveillance

This supplementary Tier 2 service is available to all Members with oil and gas E&P facilities in UKCS waters. It covers operations in the UK Continental Shelf. The service fully complies with the UK legislative aerial surveillance and spill response requirements set out in the OPRC Convention. The service currently utilises the dedicated aircraft from Humberside airport. The aircraft is equipped with: a sensor-turret (non-UV), fully integrated Marine Band Radio, and hand-held SatCom with external antenna.

2023 Subscription Fees:

  No. of Assets   Oil & Gas Operators  
Band 1    1-4 £38,420
Band 2  5-20 £76,840
Band 3  21+   £115,260

No joining fees for UKCS

Find Out More About UKCS Aerial Surveillance Service

UKCS OSPRAG Capping Stack

Designed to seal off a subsea well and regain control in the unlikely event of a blowout. All UKCS operators must include source control plans, such as the deployment of a capping stack in their Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs).

2023 Subscription Fees:

  No. of Assets   Joining Fee Oil & Gas Operators Annual Cost
Band 1      1-4 £75,000 £27,300 | 6 months - £50,00
Band 2  5-20 £150,000 £54,600
Band 3  21+   £225,000 £81,900


Find Out More About UKCS OSPRAG Capping Stack Service

UKCS Dispersant Stockpile

Provides subscribers with essential access to dispersant stockpiles located in two strategic UKCS locations.

2023 Subscription Fees:

  No. of Assets Joining Fee Oil & Gas Operators
Band 1    1-4 £18,300 £6,386
Band 2  5-20 £36,600 £12,772
Band 3  21+   £54,900 £19,158


Find Out More About UKCS Dispersant Stockpile Service

UKCS Fishing Vessels

Through the Scottish Fisheries Federation (SFF) member fishing vessels, this service guarantees subscribed Members access to:

  • Two fishing vessels with trained crew within 24 hours of notification and a further two vessels with trained crew within 48 hours.
  • Continuous availability of a minimum of four vessels, with a ‘best endeavours' access up to eight additional vessels, until it is practical to demobilise.


Entry Fee   Contract Period 
None TBC
Annual Subscription 2023
£11,340 (this can alter if the number of subscribers goes up or down)


Find Out More About Fishing Vessel Service

Shetland Islands Tier 2 Base

This supplementary Tier 2 service is available to all Members with oil and gas E&P facilities that may have a pollution risk in the area of the Shetland Islands. The service allows access to the responders and the equipment stockpile based on the Shetland Islands. This stockpile includes both Offshore and Shoreline equipment. 

2023 Subscription Fees: Price on Application 

Find Out More Shetland Islands Tier 2 Base

West African Surveillance Platform (WASP)

OSRL, in partnership with Action Air Environmental (AAE), has created a service that not only brings high-level technology for improved surveillance outputs but an unprecedented regional coverage. 

The WASP service coverage extends from the western boundary of Cote d'Ivoire in the North West to the Southern boundary of Angola and the adjoining sea for a distance of 150 miles from the coast. Coverage outside of these boundaries will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

2023 Subscription Fees:

  Coverage 6 Month Fee 12 Month Fee
Band 1    1 Country £34,500 £60,000
Band 2  2 Countries £69,000 £120,000
Band 3  3+ Countries £103,500 £180,000


Find Out More About WASP Service

Want to add a Supplementary Service to your membership?

If you think your Membership would benefit from a Supplementary Service, talk with us to discuss your requirements.