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Oil Spill Management module added to Crisis and Disaster Management Masters course at University of Portsmouth

quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2023

Oil Spill Management module added to Masters course at University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth will now include an optional module focusing on Oil Spill Management in its Crisis and Disaster Management Masters course.

The course offers an exciting opportunity for Masters students to learn about environmental and manmade hazards, vulnerability and risk, planning and logistics, disaster response and crisis management.

Rhea Shears, Technical Training & Development Advisor for OSRL, alumni of the Department of Environmental Sciences, has helped the University to come up with a module incorporating Oil Spill Management.

Aimed at students wishing to develop their skills in professional emergency planning and response, the course will give insight into how OSRL effectively manages disasters. Rhea will be one of the experts giving a talk as part of the course, offering technical advice and experience from her role within the organisation. Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences at the University of Portsmouth is ranked 4th of all post-1992 universities for research quality. Unique to Portsmouth, students are able to take part in SIMEX – the UK’s largest annual international disaster response simulation exercise – for responders and agencies to practice and learn from disaster response.

The module will help students to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what constitutes a crisis and how crisis management differs from risk management in terms of planning, response and resourcing.

Find out more about the course.