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Episode Two of OSRL's Podcast - Learn How to Perform Under Pressure

segunda-feira, 10 de julho de 2023

Learn How to Perform Under Pressure

Episode two of our new podcast, The Response Force Multiplier, is now available to download, and this time we explore how the emergency response industry trains people to perform under pressure and in real-world situations.

In particular, we look at how immense pressure on individuals and organisations can expose gaps in training, and how that pressure can lead to less effective or reactive decision-making in emergency situations.

In this episode, OSRL’s Performance Coach, Andy Couch, explains how pressure can provide us with the opportunity to perform, instead of allowing fear to take over.

This podcast will help guide individuals and organisations through a crisis situation, teaching them how to think about pressure and not give in to the fear response that is threatening to take over.

We also examine the impact of immense pressure on individuals and uncover training gaps and pitfalls of reactive decision-making, drawing inspiration from professional sports and exploring techniques that can be effectively applied in emergency response scenarios.

Andy Couch said: “I think it's really important to equip people with the understanding of what's happening in their mind and body. So as well as helping them develop the skillfulness, to be able to work with their own stress response, to understand what's going on is key. So if stress and pressure exists for us, we have a very reasonable response in our body to an unreasonable situation.”

Listen to the full episode today to discover more ways to develop these powerful techniques to enhance performance, especially in a crisis situation.