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Our largest equipment hire package

sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2016

Our turnkey equipment hire service reached new levels last month with our latest equipment hire package to leave the Southampton base being one of the largest delivered in recent years, consisting of 12 20 ft and two 10 ft containers. Included within the 14 strong equipment hire package were the development of two entirely new design concepts; packages for harbour and shoreline response.


Ensuring that all the designs within this package were consistent, the package builds ran on time and ready for shipment was fundamental in the delivery of this unique hire package. 


As with all our packages that are tailored to the clients requirements, there was a great deal of design work that went into the entirety of the package, including brand new side-opening configuration 20 ft containers. The use of these containers allowed us to create an easily deployable harbour package. This package contains 300 metres of fence boom on manual reels easily accessible at the side of the container and ancillaries that can be accessed by opening the end of the container; all making for quick and easy deployment in the event of an oil spill incident.  


The bespoke design of this shipment continued with the shoreline packages, ensuring they were packaged and laid out as ergonomically as possible. This is due to each container housing a vast amount of equipment; skirt boom, temporary storage tanks, sorbent boom, anchors, rope, air blowers, a skimmer and a power pack. In order to aid rapid deployment and alleviate manual handling, sack trucks were added to each of the four 20 ft containers, as well as a small work station complete with tool box, bench mounted vice and work light, as well as an eye wash station and first aid kit, making each container self sufficient. Developing on this further, equipment in each container was strategically laid out on racking with colour coded boxes to ensure the equipment is returned to the correct container. 



It is these small additions that make deploying equipment during an incident as straightforward as possible, allowing for a rapid and effective first response.