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OSRL Increases SWIS Air Freight Capability with new Transport Skid for Singapore Capping Stack

terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2019




OSRL is pleased to announce the order for a second AN-124 aircraft transport skid with L+M AG for the Singapore located capping stack to further enhance the air freight capabilities of the Subsea Well Intervention Service (SWIS) as requested and supported by our subscribers.


The new AN-124 air transport skid will be available to the OSRL SWIS subscribers in Q4 2019, and will supplement the existing skid located in Stavanger, Norway, which was introduced to the service in August 2018 where a demonstration flight was performed as a part of a large-scale exercise from Stavanger, SOLA airport.

The combined capping stack and air freight skid design was verified for air transportation by both Antonov Design Bureau and Volga Dnepr Airline’s technical departments confirming that the cargo can be airlifted in both AN-124-100 and AN-124-100M-150 variants as well as the AN-225. 

OSRL SWIS Director Andy Myers commented;

“We are focused and committed to increasing the capabilities of the SWIS service to meet our subscribers subsea source control planning and response requirements. Introducing the additional air freight capability for our Singapore capping stack adds to mobilisation options for our subscribers not just in APAC but enhances our global response coverage bench strength.

The logistics requirements for air freight of our capping stacks are well understood and have been demonstrated through physical exercise with a demonstration flight (Norway 2018). We work closely with strategic partners Chapman Freeborn (air charter specialist) to continually monitor availability, location and status of the AN-124 and AN-225 airframes (twenty airframes in total globally) that are capable of transporting our capping stacks. AN-124 & AN-225 aircraft do not rely on airport main deck loader equipment for loading and unloading operations. Heavy load ramp systems (ten available globally) are utilised under the control of the aircraft providers and are staged globally to meet aircraft operations. This provides confidence in our enhanced airfreight mobilisation option.”