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New Global Dispersants Inventory Map to support response operations

domingo, 15 de setembro de 2019

OSRL is pleased to announce the launch of a unique new tool to support the industry in the event of a spill. Looking specifically at scenarios where there is a notable requirement for dispersant, the new Dispersants Inventory Map has been created to provide a global view of known stockpiles. 

Offering a summary of location, volume and type, the Dispersants Inventory Map links with OSRL duty managers to provide members with contact details for relevant stockpile managers to enable faster, smarter decision-making when time is of the essence. 

Everyone can access the map through the OSRL website and see instantly where the stockpiles of dispersant are, what type of dispersant is stored, and how much is potentially available. During an incident, members and other relevant stakeholders can request more information through the OSRL Duty Manager, who will be able to share more details on a specific stockpile, including the exact location and mobilising party contact details, although this doesn’t guarantee availability. Outside of incidents, members, consultants or other interested parties can make enquiries by emailing  

Commenting on the value to the industry, Liam Harrington-Missin added: “We are always looking at how we can better support our members and the wider industry. With the Dispersants Inventory Map, we have removed a time-consuming step, negating the need to research where stockpiles are being held, and providing critical information on the type and quantity of dispersant being stored. Going forward, everyone will be able to use the interactive map, with members able to immediately speak to one of our Duty Managers for further assistance in contacting the dispersant mobilising party.”

An additional benefit of the map is that it supports operators when they are planning exploration or drilling campaigns, allowing them to document local dispersant stockpiles and build this information into their plans for immediate response. They can also establish agreements with relevant third parties to mobilise the stockpile in case of a spill or confirm that a particular stockpile isn’t available. In the case of a protracted release, accurate logistical plans and agreements, as well as contingency plans, can also be developed – reducing the risk of bottlenecks and supply shortages.  







If you would like to find out anymore information about this new tool please contact our Dispersants Team on