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2017 UKCS Members' Day

quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

2017 ABZ Members Day_Email Image2.jpg

Our UKCS members are joining us in Aberdeen for a full day event to hear the latest developments from OSRL and Industry. The day will feature a variety of presentations and workshops.



Come and meet the jet-based Boeing 727 and her pilots. G-OSRB will be in Aberdeen as part of her quarterly maintenance flight. The aircraft will be exercising her spraying abilities on the journey up to Aberdeen in addition to conducting preparedness activities with the ground staff at Aberdeen airport.



Come and see your new dedicated spotter aircraft; Navajo PA-31. Meet G-UKCS' crew and be introduced to the turret system. G-UKCS will be acting as the spotter aircraft for the spraying exercises conducted by G-OSRB en-route to Aberdeen. 



Take the opportunity to discuss the practical aspects of shoreline response in Scotland, including Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique (SCAT) and an integrated approach where Operations and Planning work together. 



A discussion and introduction into the development of OSRL's new SME programme, what it hopes to achieve and how it can benefit you.