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Equipment Handling


The Incident Owner takes custody of the equipment at either the quayside of SWIS Base Trieste (sea transport) or cargo handlers at the departure airport (air transport) or SWIS Base Trieste (road transport).

The Incident Owner will require a range of information to safely and effectively handle the equipment.
This section details the information provided by OSRL in the event that the equipment is mobilised. Items such as:

  • Equipment build standards
  • Lifting certificates
  • Handling guidelines
  • Shipping skid specifications
  • Container specifications
  • Sea fastening guidelines
  • Handover certificates





The SWIS Base Trieste is located in Saipem's facility allowing ease of maintenance and a rapid response time.

Dedicated staff will ensure the response readiness of all equipment and act as a focal point for mobilisation activities. OSRL's Italy Manger will be based onsite and be supported by Saipem personnel and the OSRL's main bases in Southampton and Singapore and will receive regular inspections from OSRL's in-house Subsea Team.

For more details about the OSRL bases, visit the Location Section in the Introduction.



Maintenance will be carried out on the equipment in accordance with manufactures' specifications and follow the industries method of best-practice.
The OIE is subject to quarterly maintenance and testing which will be carried out at the SWIS Base Trieste by Saipem engineers.

For more details about maintenance or storage please visit the Readiness section.



In accordance with the obligations of OSRL, liability for all SWIS equipment transfers from OSRL to the Incident Owner (IO) upon leaving the storage location.
OSRL are responsible for the mobilisation of all SWIS equipment to the handover point identified, being either the quayside at the designated departure port or the cargo handlers at the designated departure airport. At this point custody of all equipment transfers from OSRL to the IO. After the handover point the IO will be responsible for all transportation, rebuilding, testing, deployment and operation.
Upon completion of the operation, the IO is responsible for recovering the equipment and the reverse logistics involved in returning the equipment to OSRL at the handover point identified below.



Incident Owner provides
OSRL will send the documents below which should be completed and returned to OSRL in order to mobilise SWIS assets:

  • Notification Form
  • Mobilisation/authorisation form
  • SWIS-OIE Equipment Identification and Configuration Form
  • SWIS-OIE Deployment Indemnity Form

OSRL provides
In conjunction with mobilising SWIS assets OSRL will also provide the Incident Owner with the following:

  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Packing lists
  • Commercial invoice
  • Load summary
  • Dangerous goods notes
  • Equipment build standards
  • Lifting certificates
  • Handling guidelines
  • Container specifications
  • Shipping skid specifications
  • Sea fastening guidelines
  • Handover certificates

Incident Owner assets
The Incident Owner is responsible for supplying the following assets:

  • Transportation vessel or plane
  • Trucks in-country
  • Lifting asset for rebuild/loading onto deployment vessel
  • Deployment vessels
  • ROVs
  • Coil tubing (or alternative)

OSRL assets
OSRL is responsible for supplying the following assets:

  • Requested SWIS equipment
  • SPMT/trucks for delivery to handover point identified


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