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Key Interfaces

Due to the complexity of a subsea well control incident it is imperative to know who does what, so effort isn't duplicated and there are no missing links. This page explains the key interfaces between OSRL and the Incident Owner (IO).

OSRL Provides

OSRL provides image.jpg


  • Maintenance and storage at OSRL facilities
  • Testing, reconfiguration, disassembly and containerisation if required
  • Handling and transport resources to handover point
  • Logistics to handover point
  • A focal point to support the member and any ongoing operations 24/7
  • Hardware technical suppor
  • Shipping and customs documentation (in English) required for the incident whether by road, sea or air.
    • Packing lists
    • Generic sea fastening plan
    • Pro-forma invoices
    • Load summary
  • Ensure all loads are fit for transit including lashing and securing in containers and on skids.
Incident Owner Responsible For Incident Owner Provides to OSRL
  • Handling and transport resources from handover point.
  • Logistics from handover point to deployment location.
  • Vessels, ROVs and other facilities and equipment required for installation, operations and recovery.
  • All customs/export clearance, transportation, handling and preparation for re-importation to handover location.
  • Equipment interface checks between IO and OSRL equipment.
  • Consignee details (name, contact number, address of the site)
  • Sea Port/Airport of deployment
  • Special in country permit/customs procedures and requirements
  • Translation of documentation if required
  • It is recommended that member companies identify technical paperwork (available on the documentation system) and have translations carried out in advance to expedite the importation process.

Sea Mobilisation Specifics

  • Suitable vessel(s) for transport of Containment Toolkit, all other Cargo Carrying Unit (CCUs) and loose lifts from handover point.
  • Lifting and handling resources for transfer of Containment Toolkit, all other CCUs and loose lifts from handover point.
  • Resources for sea fastening of Containment Toolkit, all other CCUs and loose lifts.

Air Mobilisation Specifics

  • Suitable aircraft for transport of Containment Toolkit, all other CCUs and loose lifts from handover point.
  • Air transport resources including vehicle entry permits, air side handling and loading.

All documentation is available on the OSRL EDMS (Electronic Document Management System). For access to this site please contact your Subscriber Technical Advisory Forum (STAF) representative or contact the OSRL document controller via