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Technical Documentation Library

Here you'll find out about the structure of OSRL's subsea Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and how to access it. This system contains information relating to SWIS.

The SWIS Electronic Document Management System is used to access documentation for the Capping Stack System, Subsea Incident Response Toolkit, SWIS Containment Toolkit and Offset Installation Equipment.
The principal document within the EDMS is the Master Guide to Subsea Well Capping and Containment Response Planning. The information in the Master Guide is expected to assist the Incident Owner/Operator in creating its own Source Control Response Plan and in preparing for an emergency deployment of a Capping Stack System or a Incident Owner/Operator System. The Master Guide divides response planning activities into missions. There are specific missions for each of Capping, Containment and Integrated Mobilisation and Deployment Planning. Other key documents stored on the EDMS include Logistics planning guides, technical drawings, operating manuals and customs paperwork.
Documents are organised by several fields, and can be easily filtered by the user. Filters such as document type, response phase and operation can easily be selected.
It is possible to download documents or simply view in the SharePoint browser. A user guide for the system can be downloaded to gain a better understanding on how to operate the system and more in depth information on the search parameters.

To access the OSRL Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for various documents such as user guides please contact our SWIS Life Cycle Coordinator at or click this link


SWIS related documentation, with ability to filter


Contains all maintenance certifications

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Relevant contact information for the SWIS bases


Documentation to assist the Incident Owner/Operator in creating their own Source Control Response Plan


Visual representation of the documentation and its hierarchy


User guide document and online vid