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Building Confidence Through an Effective Crisis Communication Strategy

A company engaged OSRL to improve its Emergency Response Team's oil spill response capability by developing a training program to prepare the team for an upcoming Large Scale Exercise.

  • By Shahreena Shahnavas
  • 3 min read
  • jun. 19, 2023
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Case Study: Building Confidence Through an Effective Crisis Communication Strategy

In Q1 2022, a company engaged OSRL to improve its Emergency Response Team's oil spill response capability. As part of its capacity-building efforts, OSRL developed a training program to prepare the team for an upcoming Large Scale Exercise. The program included Family Liaison Communications training for the Casualties, Relatives, and Evacuees (CARE) team.


The company operates in the energy sector and produces gas and condensate. It currently operates offshore platforms and an Onshore Processing Plant.

The CARE team within the company plays a crucial role in managing casualties, evacuees, and casualty information during emergencies. However, many team members lacked formal training in effectively managing and communicating with Next-of-Kin (NOK) and relatives. Recognising the importance of equipping the CARE team with the right communication strategy, the company viewed this training as critical to build confidence and enabling the team to fulfil their role effectively in a crisis.

Crisis Communication Training Overview

The training, conducted remotely over 1.5 days, employed a blend of theory and scenario-based exercises. Its primary goal was to prepare the CARE team for the mental and emotional stress of interacting with survivors, families, and friends during crises. The training exposed the team to various crisis scenarios through simulated exercises, fostering their confidence and equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to perform their role effectively.

The tabletop exercises developed for the training were tailored to the company's operations, ensuring realistic scenarios and providing valuable opportunities for the CARE team to practice their roles. This hands-on experience further enhanced their confidence. 

Throughout the training, the CARE team remained engaged and actively participated. The feedback received from the company indicated that the training had achieved its intended objective of helping the team understand their expectations as CARE team members and boosting their confidence.

The presenter had an excellent style, and there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The course objectives will assist us in improving. Thank you so much for an excellent course.

— Course Participant


The CARE team received a comprehensive Family Liaison Communications training program tailored to their roles and support function within the Incident Management Team. The key benefit of this training was the increased confidence and competence exhibited by the CARE team members during the company's Large Scale Exercise (LSE) held a few months later. The team's performance in the LSE provided management with a high level of assurance that the CARE team possessed the necessary skills, tools, and resources to carry out their responsibilities during a crisis efficiently.

OSRL remains committed to supporting its customers in various aspects of emergency preparedness, including crisis communication. Effective crisis communication has repeatedly demonstrated its significance in mitigating damage to an organisation's reputation and finances. It is imperative to provide personnel in similar roles within your organisation with the right guidance and resources to boost their confidence.

We should organise refresher courses yearly since the CARE team is not deployed all the time.

— Course Participant

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