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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Treinamentos Presenciais

Maximise your learning experience at one of OSRL's global facilities

Our training spaces are thoughtfully equipped with modern technologies to accommodate diverse training requirements and encourage collaborative learning.

Most of our courses occur at one of our Tier 3 response bases in Southampton (UK), Singapore, or Fort Lauderdale (FL, USA), where you can familiarise yourself with an extensive array of equipment ready for deployment. Enhance your proficiency in oil spill response through immersive training, and then put your acquired skills into practice through dynamic deployment exercises.

Before you join the course, we will provide you with the all important details, such as the nearest airport, recommended accommodation options and how to get to our base, all ready to participate in the course, relaxed, and ready to learn and have fun!

Face-to-face Training Benefits

  • Atividades práticas

    Mergulhe em uma variedade de atividades práticas de aprendizagem; Acesse nossos recursos e equipamentos de ponta e participe ativamente de exercícios dinâmicos de mesa e implantação que dão vida ao seu aprendizado!

  • Fostering Connections and Skills

    A face-to-face environment promotes networking opportunities and course interaction among fellow delegates from the industry, working alongside our Response Specialists to nurture the growth of communication skills, teamwork, and the capacity to collaborate effectively.

  • Impactful Trainers

    Benefit from immediate Trainer feedback, fostering clarity in your learning and a deeper knowledge of the subject at hand. Our Trainers adapt their teaching methods based on individual learning styles and enrich your learning experience by sharing their experiences and valuable lessons learned.

Face to Face Training Courses

Join our trainers in the classroom with our face-to-face learning environment.


Cursos de formação personalizados

Desbloqueie todo o potencial da sua organização com as soluções de formação personalizadas da OSRL.

Treinamento personalizado OSRL

Calendário de Cursos

Faça o download do calendário de cursos para manter-se atualizado sobre quando e onde nossos cursos estão sendo realizados ao longo do ano.

Perguntas Frequentes

Encontre respostas para as nossas perguntas mais frequentes, incluindo reservas e pagamentos online para Cursos de Formação, Adesão e contas MyOSRL.

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