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Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited

Rhea Shears

STSE Officer (EMEA)

Rhea holds a BSc Hons in Environmental Science and a Masters of Research with a focus on Ecotoxicology, both from the University of Portsmouth. In 2019, she joined OSRL, leveraging her academic background and expertise. Since then, Rhea has been actively involved in responding to numerous global oil spills, undertaking various responsibilities such as conducting field surveys, leading clean-up operations, and supporting Incident Management Teams (IMT).

Her contributions extend to delivering external training courses including incident management system (IMS) and crisis management training.

This year, Rhea transitioned to a new role within OSRL's recently established Science Technology and Stakeholder Engagement (STSE) function. In this capacity, she focuses on outreach, fostering relationships with key organisations, and advocating for industry best practice within the EMEA region. Rhea's interests encompass plastic nurdle clean-up response, preparedness for oiled wildlife incidents, networking for academic research, and active participation in oil spill responses.