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lundi 4 mars 2024

Our training capabilities have strengthened over the years as we have developed new ways to deliver our courses in more accessible ways.

We acquired a programme to manage our courses internally to provide Computer Based Training courses to our members. The software had huge potential to build intuitive courses and to include interactive tasks to make the courses not just an information platform but to embed learning by involving the user. Included in the package was an insightful course builder, a simple review process that invites people to leave feedback, an editing suite for audio/video editing to be used in the courses, and the ability to record screens so that we can include voice-overs and record courses.

As a result of the new software, Rise 360, we have updated and rebuilt several of our external courses, as the programme has proven to be more stable than our previous platform and poses fewer user problems. The courses are currently in the process of being translated into multiple languages to make it globally inclusive.

Through this, we have built courses for the Royal Navy and Chevron Australia, with more courses for Chevron in the pipeline, and many individual courses have been built to support face-to-face delivery as well.

To reduce the cost of translating these courses, our Training Department has attained a translation platform that can interpret our online courses into around 400 different languages without changing the formatting, it also has a very good side-by-side review process that makes the check on the translation easier (especially as spill response has many technical terms that most programmes are unfamiliar with).


Moving forward:

We are now offering the delivery of both blended learning courses as we have the ability to develop and build more Computer Based Training. The new programme provides our members with a more cost-effective and potentially faster way to build our oil spill courses for their individual needs.

With this new programme we can offer industry members a more economical solution for Computer Based Training than most developers, by using our in-house SME’s which reduces the timeframes and cost for building one of these courses.

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