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ISOC 2024

lundi 20 mai 2024

ISOC 2024

We recently attended the International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) in New Orleans, USA, a week of sharing knowledge and experience with industry peers from around the world.
The event is renowned for its comprehensive approach to oil spill response and prevention, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders including industry leaders, environmental scientists, policymakers, and response practitioners.

Our attendance at this year’s IOSC 2024 proved to be invaluable, as we developed a collaborative environment for exchanging innovative ideas and best practices within the oil spill response community. Engaging with industry, regulatory bodies, and technical experts not only strengthened relationships but also solidified our position as a leader in the field. The insights gained and partnerships forged at IOSC 2024 will undoubtedly help to propel our organisation towards more effective and sustainable solutions in oil spill response and reinforce our ability to fulfil the needs of our members.

It provided a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and effective strategies in oil spill prevention and response. The conference featured a wide array of sessions, from technical workshops and panel discussions to poster presentations and live demonstrations. Key topics included advancements in spill detection and response, the role of policy and regulation in spill management, and the importance of collaboration across sectors and borders.

The event provided a vital forum for professionals from the international spill response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organisations to join forces to tackle some of the greatest challenges that we face.

We had individuals from teams across our organisation including our STSE team, Responders, Subsea, New Markets, Training, Duty Managers and our CEO representing OSRL at the conference. We stood alongside Ipieca and IOGP on a collaborative booth, ready to answer questions and share our expertise. To show our collective commitment to wildlife preparedness and response, the booth featured a dedicated panel for OSRL’s Wildlife Response SLA Services, delivered with our partners from the Sea Alarm and Global Oiled Wildlife Response System (GOWRS).

During the week-long conference, we delivered a range of engaging interactive workshops, panel discussions, technical demonstrations and presentations whilst also offering hands-on experience and practical solutions to industry challenges. OSRL sponsored the mental health and resilience presentation during the opening plenary by Dr Sara Jahnke. 


Special Recognition

We'd like to congratulate our STSE Officer for America and member of the IOSC Executive Committee, Paul Schuler, on being awarded with the IOSC Lifetime Achievement Award. His years of experience and wealth of knowledge have made him a key player in organising this fantastic event.

Michael Hernandes, one of our Senior Response Specialists recently seconded to Ipieca REMPEITC, was recognised in the Emerging Leaders Programme, sponsored by Shell. A testament to his dedication to the field and bright future ahead.

Franchesca Rouse, our interim Wildlife Preparedness and Response Manager, submitted the winning photo in the wildlife rehabilitation category of the photography contest with her powerful image, Feather by Feather. 


Global Response Network (GRN)

During the week, our CEO, Vania de Stefani, had the honour of participating in a Global Response Network (GRN) meeting. This important gathering facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas and reinforced our commitment to teamwork with other oil spill response organisations.

The GRN plays a crucial role in enhancing our collective capabilities by sharing vital information, refining spill response strategies, and providing specialized expertise in spill preparedness, response, and recovery. Together, we are dedicated to advancing the performance and effectiveness of oil spill response efforts worldwide.


The Wildlife Community of Practice

The Wildlife Community of Practice is a global, multi-stakeholder community that meets quarterly to share experiences and lessons learned in implementing tiered preparedness in wildlife emergency response.

OSRL sponsored a social event in which this cohort of professionals and SME’s came together during the conference to develop new relationships, greet old friends and continue laying the foundations for alliances to enhance global wildlife response preparedness.