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TPR Seminar Series - Part Ten: Oiled Wildlife Response

This tenth session sees Wildlife Preparedness and Response Manager, Paul Kelway, and guests from Sea Alarm and GOWRS discuss Oiled Wildlife Response.

  • By Paul Kelway
  • nov. 15, 2022

TPR Seminar Series - Part Ten: Oiled Wildlife Response

Tiered Preparedness and Response (TPR) is an internationally recognised planning approach that enables the integration of local, regional and global capabilities into oil spill response planning.

In this webinar Paul Kelway, Oil Spill Response Limited, Hugo Nijkamp, Sea Alarm and Dr. Michael Ziccardi, Oiled Wildlife Care Network/UC Davis will provide an overview of the TPR segment relating to Oiled Wildlife Response. 

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Improve your decision making capabilities when it comes to wildlife response

Obtain the skills required to ensure wildlife planning and response strategies are an integral aspect of the totality of a response effort with our Remote Oiled Wildlife Response for Decision Makers course.

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