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Precaution and preparedness: Key to handling oil spills

Aaron Montgomery, Development and Assurance Lead, gives his perspective on preventing and handling incidents with the right management technologies.

  • sept. 3, 2018 
  • 11 min read
  • Response
Spill Journal

Spill Journal: SSL Kolkata

A fire erupted following an explosion on board the SSL Kolkata, in India. OSRL were mobilised to respond to a potential spill under RESPONSECON.

  • août 1, 2018 
  • Response
Case Study

Case Study: Improving Thailand’s Oil Spill Preparedness Strategy

This case study highlights the scale of the capability review which was completed and the resulting improvement through the recommendations delivered.

  • juil. 24, 2018 
  • 5 min read
  • Capability Reviews

How to Deal with Inland Oil Spills

Interestingly, there are more inland oil spills than marine spills globally. How can we best mitigate the damages caused by inland spill incidents?

  • juil. 19, 2018 
  • Response

30 Years Since Piper Alpha

Tim Swift, OSRL's Quality Manager, talks about Piper Alpha, lessons learnt and improvements made since.

  • juil. 10, 2018 
  • 2 min read
  • Response
Case Study

Case Study: An Exercise Evolving into a Real Emergency Management

A client suffered a real cyber-attack on their IT systems during training. The OSRL team assisted with the emergency in the incident command post.

  • mai 11, 2018 
  • 5 min read
  • Incident Management
Case Study

Case Study: Western Australia State Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER) Exercise

OSRL participated in a five-day state-level exercise called the Exercise Ningaloo Challenge.

  • janv. 10, 2018 
  • 5 min read
  • Exercises
Case Study

Case Study: OSRL supports CEPSA to improve their global oil spill response capability

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) conducted a Global Capability Review for Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) in 2016.

  • nov. 20, 2017 
  • 2 min read
  • Capability Reviews
Technical Information Sheet

Technical Information Sheet: Oil Spill Response Modelling in Oilmap

This datasheet provides a summary of key facts about the 2D OILMAP (TM) model which allows for rapid trajectory modelling of oil spills.

  • sept. 18, 2017 
  • Modelling and Mapping

Tersus Dispersant Delivery System

With changes to aircraft legislation in 2014, a new aircraft dispersant spray system was developed to comply; the TERSUS system.

  • sept. 12, 2017 
  • Dispersants
Technical Information Sheet

Technical Information Sheet: Capping Stack System

This datasheet provides a summary of key facts about the Subsea Capping Stack System.

  • août 22, 2017 
  • Subsea
Field Guide

Containment and Recovery Field Guide

A guide to containment and recovery operations at sea

  • juil. 23, 2017 
  • Response

OSRL Resource Library

First-hand experience in responding to oil spill incidents of varying nature and locality across the global, allow's Oil Spill Response to provide a wealth of resources and insights.

From case studies with our Members to industry insights and operational field guides spanning response and crisis management to dispersants and contingency planning. All resources are freely available to view or download.