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Remote MCA Level 4 Course

This Remote course covers both the strategic and tactical elements of oil spill response, allowing you to make effective and efficient decisions as part of the Incident Management Team or On Scene Commander.

24 hours delivery time - 4 days @ 6 hours

Course details

This Remote course covers both the strategic and tactical elements of oil spill response, allowing you to make effective and efficient decisions as part of the Incident Management Team or as an On Scene Commander. 

It will cover all the on-scene commander theory modules, but as it is delivered remotely there are no practical deployments of equipment (must be covered separately for accreditation – see Certification below). However, to keep delegates engaged and to embed knowledge there are many interactive tasks that are completed as individuals, or as a team to build competence.  

It will include a Desktop Exercise based on a scenario challenging the delegates to plan a tactical response whilst considering safety, environmental, and operational issues. This course can be tailored for client’s who wish to have a course specific to their operation and/or area, such a course would be built based around the clients oil spill contingency plan.   

Is this course for me? 

There is no requirement for previous oil spill response experience to attend this course, although it would benefit those who have field experience and perhaps attended the operators or site supervisors course in the past. 

• Personnel required to operate within an incident management team or emergency response team, including site safety positions 

• Operational staff responsible for setting strategic and tactical priorities and those required to conduct response tactics 

• On-scene Commanders 

• Planning staff with an environmental remit 

• Safety Advisors 

 What will I learn? 

The on-scene commander’s responsibility is to manage a tactical response based on the guidance provided by Management Team. In doing so safety is the # 1 priority followed by protection of the environment and socio-economic resources.

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:  

• Overview of oil spill response 

• Fates and effects of oil, potential environmental and economic impacts and the importance of preparedness 

• Response techniques used during an incident, conducting an inland, shoreline and offshore response 

• Importance of media relations during response operations and the opportunity to practice skills 

• Spill termination and the liabilities that sit with responsible parties 


24 hours delivery time - 4 days @ 6 hours 

Course programme 

• Overview of oil spill response 

• Causes, fates and effects 

• Environmental and economic impacts 

• Contingency planning

• UK response & control 

• Spill management 

• Hazards to responders 

• Surveillance, monitoring and visualisation 

• Containment and protection 

• Recovery devices 

• Shoreline clean-up 

• Dispersants 

• Introduction to inland response 

• Waste management 

• Termination of response 

• Media management 

• Desktop exercise 


Remote training - OSRL accredited - to achieve full Nautical Institute Accreditation you must undertake an OSRL managed practical deployment exercise. Click here to book your practical day.

Preferred IT Platform: 

The Zoom training software is preferred, however, if it is not available to use please contact us to discuss other platforms.


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