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Promote awareness of explosives to keep personnel safe when offshore.

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with information to help them and their colleagues remain safe while explosives are being used offshore.

Given the fatal consequences of improper use, an awareness of explosives and the health and safety guidelines surrounding their use is critical to preventing grievous accidents.

The scope of this Explosive Awareness course is to provide an introduction to explosives in the oil and gas industry, why they are used and what for, how they are detonated and the dangers of other sources or induced currents.  To this end, the course is suitable for to all personnel who may come into contact with explosives and their use offshore.

Learning Outcomes:
- Identify what explosives are
- Describe some of the uses for explosives offshore
- Explain why explosives are used
- Explain the authorisation process for using explosives
- Describe how explosives are detonated and the dangers of other sources of induced currents
- Identify typical strategies to prevent accidental detonations
- Identify work to be ceased when explosives are to be used
- Identify those authorised to handle explosives
- Describe the measures taken to store explosives safely
- Identify your responsibilities before and during the use of explosives

The course explains what explosives are, what they are used for, why they are used and the controls in place to prevent unnecessary risk whilst working with them. The course also identifies the roles and responsibilities of those working with explosives

The duration of the course is 30 minutes with a 20 question final assessment.

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Explosives Awareness
Course code: UEXA19
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