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Ensure your Level 1 Authorised Gas Tester knowledge has been assessed against OPITO standards to enable you to safely survey for flammable and toxic gases and approve entry to confined spaces.

The candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the necessary skills to perform a gas test survey (including confined spaces) as part of the requirements for ensuring a safe working environment.

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with the knowledge to allow them to operate as a Level 1 Authorised Gas Tester.
This course is accredited to the OPITO Authorised Gas Tester (Level 1) standard and has been designed for personnel who are required to conduct gas detection for work in confined spaces. Candidates will learn how to test for the presence of flammable or toxic gases and to ensure that a safe level of oxygen is present prior to approving entry to a confined space.

Learning Outcomes:
This course is built of five modules, each containing its own set of learning outcomes which include;
- Testing in different environments
- Legislative controls
- Atmospheric measuring and monitoring equipment
- Atmospheric measuring and monitoring equipment cont.
- Gas testing in confined spaces
- Interpreting and documenting results

The duration of the course is 180 minutes with Inter-module assessments and a 30 question final assessment at the end. On completion the candidate will be registered on OPITO‚Äôs Authorised Gas Tester Register.

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Authorised Gas Tester Level 1
Course code: UAGA119
Member rateGBP 125
Non-memberGBP 125