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Shoreline Site Supervisor - Real Oil (IMO Level 1)


This course provides delegates with the opportunity to work with real oil in a controlled environment.

3 Days

Course details

Overcoming the multitude of challenges that you face when dealing with a shoreline impact can be daunting. By acquiring knowledge of how to organise your response team in a realistic environment, dealing with an actual oil impacted shoreline, and using the right strategies and equipment in a safe manner will help the decision making process to make the response effective and efficient.

This course provides you with the opportunity to work with real oil in a controlled environment at CEDRE's state-of-the-art facility, allowing you to perfect your spill response skills and knowledge to fulfil the role of shoreline site supervisor, bringing the theory of spill response to life. 


This is an IMO Level 1 standard course certified by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. See our Standards page for more information.

This course is ideal for supervisors and response staff wishing to seek actual experience in cleaning up oil within differing environments.

  • Port and harbour personnel, local authority and oil company staff looking to hold first-line supervisory roles
  • Response staff wanting to develop their oil spill knowledge to supervisor level
  • Site Supervisors of tactical oil spill response teams
  • Individuals nominated by the Industry or local authority as a Site Supervisor professional who would like to evaluate response techniques using real oil in the environment
  • Spill professionals requiring MCA 3 certification (IMO 1 equivalent) 

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • awareness of site assessment and set-up, shoreline types, environmental issues, response strategies, equipment and site waste management
  • hands-on equipment experience to:
    • organize the resources safely and efficiently at the spill site
    • fully utilise the resources available on a site effectively.

Day 1

  • Causes and fates of oil behaviour in the environment
  • Environmental and economic impacts
  • Contingency planning – Government, local and industry plans
  • Equipment stockpile visit
  • Response options overview – strategy principles
  • Surveillance, Modelling & Visualisation – plotting, quantification and assessing further potential impacts


 Day 2

  • Containment and protection – use of booms
  • Types and uses of recovery devices
  • Hazards to responders
  • Waste management – understanding the issues and mitigation measures


Day 3

  • Practical exercise – shoreline clean-up and recovery
  • Command structure, briefings & communications – understanding the structure and flow of information
  • Case History – lessons learnt
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