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Shoreline Response Masterclass

Enhance your knowledge of shoreline response and Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Techniques (SCAT) 

5 Days

Course details

Enhance your knowledge of shoreline response and Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Techniques (SCAT) 

Is this course for me?

This is an ideal course for supervisors of response teams at ports and harbours and those required to conduct shoreline spill response and plan for SCAT missions during a response. 

  • Planning staff: Environmental and SCAT Team Members, including Oil Spill Response Organisations (OSRO’s), Regulators, Government departments, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s)
  • Personnel responsible for shoreline assessments and environmental sensitivity considerations
  • Operational staff responsible for setting shoreline response priorities and tactics
  • Individuals involved with SCAT data management who require a better understanding of the SCAT process.


What will I learn?

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Awareness of site assessment and set-up, shoreline types, environmental issues, response strategies, equipment and site waste management
  • Hands-on equipment experience to:
    • organise the resources safely and efficiently at the spill site
    • fully utilise the resources available on a site effectively

This course also looks at the fundamentals needed to implement and be part of a SCAT programme, from examining the character and dynamics of coastal zones and how oil behaves on different shoreline types to managing a shoreline assessment programme and developing the most appropriate end-points.

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There are currently no sessions available for this course. If you would like to register your interest in taking this course in the future, please let us know.