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Scaffolding Awareness

This course is suitable for anyone who may work on or around scaffolding in the oil and gas industry.

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Online - 60 mins (approx.)

Course details

The aim of this course is to give candidates an awareness of scaffolding components and procedures.

Candidates will be provided with an overall awareness of how to work safely on or around scaffolding, including a description of scaffolding terminology, and the correct fall prevention, fall arrest and other PPE required to be worn.

Learning Outcomes:
- Describe what a scaffold is and why it is used
- Define the key terms used in the construction of scaffolds
- Recognise the basic components of a scaffold
- Describe the key elements of a scaffold
- Identify the different types of scaffolding structures
- Identify hazards associated with the use of scaffolding
- List the basic tools used in the construction of a scaffold
- Describe the PPE requirements for scaffolding
- List the requirements for access to scaffolds
- Identify the responsibilities of key personnel involved with scaffolding
- Describe the use of the Scafftags system
- Describe the importance of scaffold inspections

The course includes information on the basic tools used to construct scaffolds, the personal protective equipment required, the roles and responsibilities associated with scaffolding work, and the importance of inspections.

This course is suitable for anyone who may work on or around scaffolding in the oil and gas industry. The duration of the course is 60 minutes with a 20 question assessment.

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01/01/2019 - 31/12/2020
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