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Remote Shoreline Response Essentials: Oil and Non-oil Pollutants

This course provides the essentials to build a successful shoreline response in the field. In addition, it offers the knowledge and tools to minimise the environmental impact.

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Course details

Recent incidents have highlighted the need for effective shoreline response, not only from the impact of oil but also from pollutants such as plastics. However, responding to the environmental shoreline impact caused by a marine disaster can be daunting. This remote course establishes the essential building blocks needed to implement a successful shoreline response in the field.

In addition, it offers the knowledge and tools to minimize the environmental impact from released oil, plastic pallets, or other debris and materials such as Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS). 

Is this course for me? 

Our new shoreline response course is ideal for those who consider marine environmental incidents critical to their operations. The course is especially relevant to those who will be part of the Incident Management Team (IMT) or Crisis Management Team (CMT).   

This course is suitable for all prospective participants with the following background/roles:

  • Response team and incident management team within shipping companies and ship management companies 
  • Agencies responsible for or participating in shoreline response of an environmental incident. 
  • Local emergency response organizations and environmental groups  


What will I learn? 

Our shoreline response course addresses different techniques to treat and manage the shoreline impact of oil and non-oil pollutants such as plastic pellets (nurdles) and HNS. It also covers the common issues the incident management team encounter regardless of pollutants types, including volunteer management, waste management, and onsite logistics coordination. The course will explain the key concepts using our rich experience in responding to marine incidents including our most recent case studies.   


Duration: 1 Day  


Course Programme 

  • Shoreline Response Programme and Shoreline Assessment  
  • Site Safety and Volunteer Management 
  • Clean-up Method: Oil, Plastic Pellets vs HNS 
  • Managing Waste and Logistic Challenges 
  • Endpoint and Post Monitoring 
  • Case Study 

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