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Remote OPRC (IMO Level 3 Equivalent) Oil Spill Management Course

This remote course provides insights on the complexities that can be encountered in an oil spill incident and the relevant tools to overcome these.

4 Days
IMO3 Equivalent

Course details

This remote course provides delegates with the essential skills and tactical knowledge required to initiate and terminate response, to perform the role of Incident Commander and effectively manage an emergency response team. It builds the delegate’s confidence and awareness to make the right decisions and maintain the organisation’s reputation.

Is this course for me?

This remote course is ideal for those required to take the position of Incident Commander during an oil spill incident. Furthermore, this course is ideal for those in a position of government who are likely to be involved in emergency response and represent their jurisdiction.

This course is suitable for all personnel that would serve in an incident command post/centre:

  • Personnel responsible for emergency response management and command of oil spill response incidents
  • Decision-making managers within the oil, gas and shipping industries
  • Individuals performing the role of an Executive Commander, Incident Controller or Incident Commander in an Emergency Response Team
  • People belonging to regulatory or statutory bodies associated with emergency response
  • Senior officials from Government agencies involved with spill response (Environment, Coast Guard, Navy and Army)
  • Harbourmasters, Port Captains, Incident Managers at large ports

What will I learn?

This remote course looks at the fundamentals of incident management from legal frameworks, support during an incident, right through to response strategies and effective communications.

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • The International Conventions and legal frameworks in place that can support an incident
  • Roles of Government Agencies and industry during an incident
  • Effective implementation of contingency plans
  • Gaining a comprehension of the incident strategies and tactics that could be implemented throughout a response
  • Appreciation of the additional hazards faced by responders during an incident
  • Media expectations and effective communications whilst protecting your company’s reputation


4 Days (3 days @ 6 hrs theory including the tabletop exercise and approximately 1 full day for pre-read)

Course programme

  • Overview of Oil Spill Response
  • Causes and Fates of Marine Oil Spill
  • Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Marine Oil Spills
  • Contingency Planning
  • Hazards to Responders
  • International Cooperation
  • Tabletop Exercise – Preparedness
  • Overview of Response Options
  • Spill Termination and Post Spill Monitoring
  • Tabletop Exercise – Response
  • Waste Management
  • International Legislation, Claims and Compensation
  • Case Study
  • Tabletop Exercise – Media Management

We highly encourage prospective course participants to register 2 to 3 working days prior to scheduled training. This is to ensure that you will receive the pre-read materials that you should go through prior to attending the remote training. Going through the pre-read materials can take up to 8-hours to complete.  

Preferred IT Platform: 

The Microsoft Teams training software is preferred, however, if it is not available to use please contact us to discuss other platforms.

Register your Interest
There are currently no sessions available for this course. If you would like to register your interest in taking this course in the future, please let us know.