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Oil Spill Response Management - Shipping and Marine (IMO Level 3)


Target audience

This level of training is recommended for all oil spill response decision-makers.

Delegates who attend the 3-day course will receive an OSRL Certificate of Completion.

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3 Days
OSRL IMO3 Equivalent

Course details

Use your initiative and thought processes to understand the challenges of incident management within the shipping and marine industry.

IMO Level 3 training course will give you an insight into some of the key complexities that you may face on an oil spill incident and the tools to use to overcome these. The course, being very interactive, gives you the chance to use your own initiative and thought processes throughout the course to understand the challenges of incident management. You are also able to witness first hand the difficulties faced in deploying equipment with a hands-on practical exercise. The course will give you a structured journey of an oil spill from the causes and fates of oil spills through to oil spill response termination.

This is an IMO Level 3 standard course that is certified with an OSRL Certification of Completion. See the OSRL Training Standards page for more information.

Delegates who attend the 3-day course will receive an Oil Spill Certificate of Completion only.


Is this course for me?

This course is ideal for the following personnel:

  • Officials and executives responsible for shipping and marine emergency response management and command of oil spill response incidents
  • Decision-making Managers
  • Vessel Captains or Officers who will respond to oil spills offshore
  • Individuals performing the role of an Incident Commander or similar in an Emergency Response Team
  • Harbour Masters, Port Captains or Incident Managers at large ports


What will I learn?

This course focuses on the complex but vital responsibilities of oil spill management within the shipping and marine industry, including safety as a key topic.

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Environmental awareness, response monitoring and termination of clean-up operations.
  • Effective incident control including initial assessment, strategic planning, and logistical and operational management
  • The legal and financial implications of spill response
  • Dealing with authorities and handling the media


Prior knowledge of spill response is helpful but not essential.


Course Programme

  • Effective emergency response contingency planning and implementation in a spill
  • Consequences of oil spills
  • Spill response options and resource requirements
  • Boundaries and roles of Government Agencies and the Industry
  • Safety-first culture in response
  • Understand PR and media expectations and how to effectively communicate with the media and general public
  • International conventions and legal frameworks
  • Protecting your organisation’s reputation
  • Understand how to terminate a response



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There are currently no sessions available for this course. If you would like to register your interest in taking this course in the future, please let us know.