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Oiled Wildlife Response Training (OWRT)

OWRT provides your responders with the necessary tools to ensure that your organisation is ready to respond at a moment's notice.

3 hrs / 7 hrs

Course details

Oiled Wildlife Reponse Training (OWRT) is a comprehensive oiled wildlife response program developed by Massey University and University of California, Davis, that is university endorsed and research driven. The course combines online and in-person components to maximise the effiecieny of delivery. 


Is this course for me?

OWRT is designed for response personnel from on-the-ground responders to response managers. Having personnel trained in oiled wildlife resoponse is a key component for complete oil spill response preparedness. 

What will I learn?

The program teaches critical planning and response actions, including the development of comprehensive wildlife plans, the identification of necssary resources, the aquisition of required permits, and all operational aspects of running a complex oiled wildlife response. 

Level 1: Foundations of Oiled Wildlife Response

This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to oiled wildlife response for all personnel.

You will be introducted to key concepts of oiled wildlife response, including: 

  • Petroleum and its effects
  • Historical spills
  • Oil spill and oiled wildlife response
  • The importance of Health and Safety.

This course will take approximately 3 hours to complete. 

Level 2: Rehabilitation and Facility

This course provides and important second stage in training towards becoming and oiled wildlife responder. The course teaches you about working in the oiled wildlife rehabilitation facility and each stage of the process from Field Stabilisation through Intake, Pre-wash care, Wash-rinse-dry, Conditioning and Release. 

This course will take approximately 7 hours to complete. 


Oiled Wildlife Response Training is provided by Massey University and University of California, Davis, Oil Spill Response Limited Accept no responsibility for the provision of or content of the training.

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