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Course Structure

  • Classroom100%
  • Presentations50%
  • Group Tasks50%

Develop both your tactical and strategic skills in spill response management, allowing you to make effective and efficient decisions to lead a tactical response team with our flagship training course especially for the Asia-Pacific region. 

On this course based around theoretical training, you’ll develop a fundamental understanding of the use of different response techniques and strategies, in addition to gaining an appreciation of all aspects of oil spill response. This course aims in placing theory into practice with table-top exercises to affirm learning.


This is an IMO Level 2 standard course that is certified with an OSRL Certification of Completion. See our Standards page for more information.

 This course is ideal for those who may perform a functional role within the tactical response teams, as well as those aiming for and at On-Scene Commander level.

  • On-Scene Commanders
  • All Incident Command Team members fulfilling operations, planning or logistics roles
  • Supervisors in charge of shoreline, offshore and aerial operations
  • Government Officials


This course provides Incident Management Team (IMT) members and Field Supervisors with the theory to effectively manage oil spill response operations, covering the roles and responsibilities for tactical management of response teams. 


This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Overview of oil spill response  including the causes and fates of oil spills and environmental impacts
  • Spill assessment and quantification along with identifying the best response techniques and strategies
  • Importance of media relations during response operations
  • Spill termination and post-spill monitoring
  • Claims and compensations and liabilities that sit with responsible parties.



Day 1

  • Overview of Oil Spill Response
  • Causes and Fates of Marine Oil Spills
  • Environmental and Economic Impacts
  • Contingency Planning
  • Site Safety (Hazards to Responders)
  • Surveillance, Modelling and Visualization
  • Quantification and Tracking Exercise


Day 2

  • Dispersants
  • Containment and Protection
  • Recovery Devices
  • Introduction to Inland Spills
  • Shoreline Clean-up
  • Waste Management
  • Table-top Exercise
  • Exercise Presentation


Day 3

  • Termination of Spill Response
  • Spill Management
  • Liabilities, Claims and Compensation
  • Media Relations
  • Assessment and Review
  • Table-top Exercise
  • Exercise Presentation

Booking Options

On-Scene Commander - Asia Pacific (IMO Level 2)
Course code: OSMGR74
July 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 2000
Non-memberUSD 2300
Course code: OSMGR79
August 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800
Course code: OSMGR78
September 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800
Course code: OSMGR80
October 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800
Book by 07 August 2019 and save 5%
Course code: OSMGR82
November 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800
Book by 03 September 2019 and save 5%
Course code: OSMGR83
December 2019
Location & Country
LaosLao People's Democratic Republic
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800