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Course Structure

  • Classroom66%%
  • Presentations33%
  • Group Tasks33%
  • Practical Training33%
  • Hands-on exercises33%

This course looks at the fundamentals needed to implement and apply the usage of Dispersant strategically and effectively.

The combined experience of recent and historical spill events and numerous scientific studies has shown that the use of dispersants to combat major oil spills in an offshore marine environment can be a very effective response strategy if used correctly.

Dispersant usage must be sufficiently planned, expertly delivered, rigorously monitored and appropriately discussed and communicated with regulations and stakeholders. A dispersant strategy that fails to meet these criteria could cause long term environmental damage, cost a significant amount in fines and severely damage a company’s reputation.

The aims of the workshop were to provide delegates with the latest information about dispersant strategy planning and the effective application and monitoring of dispersants on understanding the opportunities and limitations of this key response strategy. This course will help you to evaluate dispersant application as a response tool and will help develop your knowledge of this potentially controversial subject.

Do you have sufficient awareness to confidently endorse use of dispersants and make it part of your contingency plans?


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Dispersant Awareness and Monitoring
Course code: DISP05
August 2019
Location & Country
Member rateUSD 1500
Non-memberUSD 1800