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Recorded Interview: Chris Battaglia, Focus Wildlife

July, 2021

Interview with Chris Battaglia from Focus Wildlife

In this interview, Chris talks about the risk of a lack of oiled wildlife responders in the next generation and how the GOWRS service is helping address this by bringing more sustainability and resilience to the wildlife response community.

Seminar Recording: Use of oil spill modelling in support of planning and response activities

July, 2021 By: Simon Blaen & Hon Phui Hang

Seminar Recording: Use of oil spill modelling in support of planning and response activities

Join Hon Phui Hang, Response Readiness Lead (APAC) and Simon Blaen, Geomatics Supervisor to learn more about how OSRL uses oil spill modelling to support both preparedness and response activities in the Asia-Pacific region.


Seminar Recording: Beyond visual line of sight UAV operations

July, 2021 By: Matthew Low & Adrian Tan

Seminar Recording: Beyond visual line of sight UAV operations

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (also commonly referred to as drones) are a commonplace in the modern world. Join Adrian and Matthew we they explore deeper into the applications of UAVs in oil spill response, specifically in the area of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). 


Common Questions About Dispersant

June, 2021 By: Carolyn Kee May Wyon

Seminar Recording: Common Questions About Dispersant

OSRL's Dispersant Subject Matter Expert group answers common questions about dispersants. When to use dispersants? How do dispersants work? How do we test dispersant effectiveness? Where can dispersants be used and for what type of incidents? These questions and others are explored in this seminar.

Seminar Recording: Wildlife Response in the Incident Management System

June, 2021 By: Paul Kelway

Seminar Recording: Wildlife Response in the Incident Management System

In an Incident Management System, responsibilities for wildlife response are often designated to a Wildlife Branch within the Operations Section of the command structure and are overseen by a Wildlife Branch Director. This Branch serves as a vital connecting point between wildlife response operations and the wider incident management. Although well-established in certain countries, the potential scale of wildlife response operations and its impact on and needs from the wider incident response can often be underestimated, especially in larger incidents.  


This seminar brings together emergency managers from leading wildlife response organisations and from the industry to explore the theory and structure behind the Wildlife Branch, how it has been applied in various incidents around the world and the importance of pre-planning in successful incident response.

Complexities of Inland Response

By: Nick Dyer, Marcus Russell, Adriana Handszer, Richard Tindell Tom Fisher

Seminar Recording: Complexities of Inland Response

The members of the Inland Core Group share collective thoughts on the nuance of inland spill preparedness and response activities. Their observations have been formed through their time at a global tier 3 centre covering risks from onshore production, transportation, storage and refining operations.

Seminar Recording: Sea/Response Real Time Vessel Tracking Software

May, 2021 By: Mario Fazio

Seminar Recording: Sea/Response Real Time Vessel Tracking Software

Our Subsea Manager, Mario Fazio is joined by Paul Love from Clarksons Plc and Chris Lund, Senior Project Engineering Manager to take a closer look at the Sea/response software platform developed by Maritech (Clarksons Plc). We have also invited Tilly Manley from Clarksons Platou Asia and Colin Young from Maritech based in Aberdeen to share their expertise and market knowledge.


Why Remote Training?

Why Remote Training?

The team in APAC has created a video addressing questions you may have on our virtual mode of delivery.

Industry Response Post Macondo

August, 2020

Industry Response Post Macondo

10 years on we reflect on how the Oil & Gas industry has changed since Macondo, this video highlights the key developments which have taken place and been implemented across the course of 10 years...

Showcasing Our People : Omasan Akporiaye - Geomatics Specialist

July, 2020 By: Emma Smillie

Interview with Omasan Akporiaye - Geomatics Specialist

Meet Omasan Akporiaye, our Geomatics Specialist as he shares how his vast experience adds to the value of his work in OSRL. He is our expert behind the creation of the SCAT Mobile Application.